Sunday, 27 March 2011

a little late but done nevertheless

after craft group I was determined to get my Christmas item finished. When you host craft group you don't get much time to do crafting as a lot of time is spent making cups of tea and preparing goodies so once everyone left I stayed in the zone and pulled out this applique to finish it off.
I made an error in the placement and couldn't put a little snowflake that was on the original but I like it anyway. After I quilted the framing fabric by machine it has caused a little bit of bubbling, might have to unpick that and do some hand quilting, it may be more forgiving. It looks particularly bad in the picture but the side bindings haven't been completely sewn down so that may have affected it to. (I was a little premature to photograph it I think)

While getting enthused I decided to start my bom 'times gone by'. Step two arrived a few weeks ago and I hadn't even started the first one. Well strike while the iron is hot I say! I prepared the applique and stitchery block and the little 1/2 inch hexagons that will decorate part two.
I even popped into Jemima's for some more of the blue fabric behind the snowman applique and found they had a sale on so I grabbed two charm packs for only $12.00 one is a Christmas themed pack and the other an older Fig tree quilts pack. I also found the perfect blue fabric for a Christmas themed project I have been wanting to do!
Hope I get some more crafty time today!
Happy Sunday.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The end of the week....

Only one more day to go to the weekend. Woo hoo!
Last weeks pickles turned out wonderfully and we have enough jars to last the year- if we don't give them all away like we did last time.
Tomorrow is the 25th of the month and my Christmas item is still a little off being finished. I am hoping to get some crafting time to finish it on the weekend. It is only a small project so is achievable. Then to better plan next month's project a little better.
My swap hexies were posted last week and hopefully shouldn't take too long to get to their destination in India. How exciting to be posting to India.
There is another little package that needs to be sent..... Jacqueline's felted wool base needs to be sent on to Janet in Yukon Territory in Canada. It is amazing sending these little crafts to crafty people all over the world.
I received Jacqueline's base earlier in the week and got working straight away as it will have to travel far to get to it's next destination. Jacqueline and I exchanged emails and I suggested an Australian theme to what I might add. My mind started to churn ideas. I ended up with this idea...

It was quite difficult to make the gum leaves, I am afraid they look a little like a palm tree top! I hope Jacqueline will like this little Koala bear.
I managed to finish off another stitchery last weekend and haven't touched another one since. I only have three more stitcheries and then there will only be cutting and piecing to go.

Tonight I cut out some more hexies for my next month's swap partner. Mid purple and mid pink are the colours requested. I got a little carried out cutting some leftover fabrics in those colours and I now have enough to make around 8 flowers. I will pick two of the nicest ones to send and keep the rest for my own scrappy hexie throw. I am sure they won't go to waste!
On Saturday it is my turn to host the ladies from the craft group I belong to. Will be lovely to catch up.
Hope you have a lovely weekend

Sunday, 20 March 2011

a bit of this and that....

This week I have been working on my boys'story quilts stitcheries. You know when something doesn't seem to inspire then you get swept up in enthusiasm for a project again.
These are the latest additions...
I love the details in the simple drawings and enjoyed stitching them. Now I should be right to finish another two blocks! Where can I find some extra time?

Yesterday while at mum's 'dad sitting' I gave mum a hand to pick some of her abundant crop of tomatoes. Nothing beats home grown tomatoes and when we had a big batch of our own we made a yummy tomato pickle . We picked a huge wash basket full and Mum gave us a few kilos of her tomatoes so we got busy chopping and cooking and another batch of pickle is nearly ready to put into jars. There were some huge ones, a few tipped the scales at around 500g.
this one is a handful. They are from an old stock of seeds that my grandfather would keep going year to year. A lovely old fashioned meaty type of tomato.

here are some more little stars that I have made this week....
If I can make a few each week they will accumulate nicely.
Well I will need to focus on getting a Christmas item done this week in time for the 25th!
Hope your weekend has been spent doing what you like to do!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Labour day holiday...

Today is a public holiday in Melbourne and it has been a wonderful day!
This week I reached a milestone target in that I have completed 40 large hexie flowers and I have used 99 percent of the jelly roll! I am so chuffed. I still haven't decided how large this quilt will be so I have just cut up some more of my Park Avenue stash of fabric to make some more. They make a wonderful pile of flowers.

This week I received a parcel in the mail from Heleen and Corry (Dutch Sisters) in the Netherlands. I won their give away last month of one of their gorgeous little birds. It came beautifully wrapped with some lovely extra fabric.

I have hit a bit of a stale mate as far as Creativity is concerned at the moment and I want to start something new but can't focus on anything I might like to do. My lovely stash of Bliss has been calling for some time and after managing to get some more of the white spotted fabric from GJ's I thought it might be time to commit.  I was almost going to make it into hexagon flowers but I wanted to make something a little different. So, I thought I would have a go at this..... Ok so it is still a hexagon shape......
It looks quite pretty I think and using the same technique that I use for hexagons it has worked quite well.
I just am a little unsure of what to do with the folded over pieces at the and of the diamonds that tend to bulk up the centre. What do others do to minimise the bulk?. This is only my first one so it may get easier. I think I will make some more and see how it goes.

Watching the news tonight has just been devastating seeing more and more tragedy in the aftermath of the Japanese disaster. Some stories of amazing rescues and others of deep sadness.
Hopefully the tremours will subside and the recovery will proceed.

ps.. I am taking part in Fiona's felted wool pincushion round robin and Sue, who I sent my base to, has just added her touch to my base. Pop over and have a peek it is fantastic.

Friday, 4 March 2011

a lovely friday

There is nothing like a Friday off after not having one for awhile!
With the drudgery and the hunting and gathering out of the way it is 'me' time.
I shot down to Patchwork Unlimited to pick up a new roll of Floriani stitch and wash fusible that I need for my next batch of hexies. I had run out a few weeks ago and they had to order it in.
Today I thought would be a good day to wash a few throw quilts that have been over the couches and getting decidedly grotty. They look so lovely drying on the line.  I love how green all the lawn still is after the summer. Usually we have a dust bowl for a back yard at this time of year.
I have also used some of the lovely wools that Fiona brought down for me when we met in Melbourne.
Here is a sneak peak as it eventually will be a Christmas item. The pattern is one that Carrie sent me as a giveaway on her blog around Christmas time

Speaking of Fiona...
Here is a pic she sent me of the two of us from our meet up....
Neither of us usually show pics of ourselves on our blogs so we strategically placed the lovely pumpkin bag that she made for me just in front of our faces.. My hubby took the pic for us and I am sure he thought we were loopy, it must be a little reassuring to him to know that there are other 'loopies' like me.
I have not been very motivated to make much more than hexies at the moment. I have prepared my March swap hexie and have been busy making more flowers from the Park Avenue odd bits. Can't waste any of that loveliness at all! On the hexie site we are currently voting as to whether to send more than one hexie to our swap partners. Some would prefer more some only the one per month. I have made two in case the voting goes to send two per month.  I don't mind either way, though I would like to add to my top quickly.

My felted wool base is making it's way to Sue in Western Australia... Can't wait till the first round arrives from Jaqueline in the States to work on it.
Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

tuesday treasures

Wow, it seems like ages since I have been organised enough to post a Tuesday Treasure. I am glad I hunted out something that is really under my nose most days.
My treasures this week are two angels. Both are special.
the pottery angel holding a heart is especially dear to me as it was given to me by one of my closest friends. Five years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a breast removed, chemo, the turmoil of the then recently new herceptin treatment and all the other stresses of her diagnosis and treatment. It was a hard time for her but she is an incredible woman who I admire so much. Once all her treatments were finished she and her husband took out a group of her close friends and family to thank everyone for their support and friendship during those hard times. We each received one of these pottery angels holding a heart as  token of her thanks. The angel is also a little bell that makes a beautiful ding noise. She is just so warm looking and it seems like she could wrap you up in her wings.
The other angel is a beautiful pewter candle holder from Indonesia given to me by my aunt who was living there at the time. The angel is so simple but so pretty. I love the weight when you pick her up.
They both stand on either side of my grandparent's photo to look after them as they are my angels too. I miss them greatly.
Boy that was a full on post!
I hope you enjoy my Tuesday treasures.