Thursday, 20 January 2011

a week has passed

Well a week has passed already..... Where has it gone?
I am still having to' rely on the kindness of' teenagers to compress my photos for blogging so it has hampered my posting abilities. Tonight no1 son has kindly compressed some photos of what I have been up to.
But firstly, on Monday I passed a lovely afternoon meeting Tracey from Mistea Crafts. She was in my neck of the woods and so she came over for afternoon tea. We had a lovely chin wag and a few cups of our chosen brew. I had DH and the boys home going in and out so poor Tracey had to endure them as well. It was wonderful to meet someone that I have been chatting to for awhile. Tracey said she enjoyed the afternoon too.
Hopefully we can catch up again especially as we visit many of the same patchwork fabric shops!

The past few days I have been busy putting the next layer on my Park Avenue hexies. I have made a decent go of it and they are growing steadily.
This is how they will be arranged with cream 'separators'.
I also have a few stitcheries done that will see me achieving my Christmas item per month target. I love to do the stitcheries and they are good to have in my stash.
this lovely stitchery is one that I won on Helen Stubing's blog before Christmas, I may make this my next Christmas project for February. It came on pre printed fabric but the pattern is there to trace as well. Definitely will make another one of these stitcheries.
Lastly I have a picture of a small 'sewing room' warming present I sent to Lorraine (the balancing kiwi). She received it a little while ago but I forgot to post a pic of it. I have another traced pattern for a stitchery that has birds in a cage that I am hoping to make for myself. I quite like these little stuffed stitcheries as door hangers.This one has a little bell on it.
Hope the weekend brings everyone some crafting time!


Melody said...

I love your Park Avenue hexie flowers. And the stitcheries are indeed a great thing to have stashed away. Well done.

Mistea said...

Sure was fun meeting you and seeing your gorgeous work in real life instead of just pictures.

Those Christmas goodies are beautiful - great way to start the year.

Enjoy Friday

BubzRugz said...

I saw that you had been over at Mistea doing some special sewing..... your stitcheries from Helen are lovely and so is the birdie in the cage... have a good rest of the week....

Edige said...

I love this little bird! It's so cute.

Serenata said...

And it is a super hanging bird cage and is now in my studio thank you Marina. I do indeed love it.

I've finished those dratted hexies...I made two more in the end as the others are still in hiding. Hoping to finish this weekend as I have a sewing day on Saturday.

Then I can get on with more of the 1 inch hexies as I have a few I want to make for people as well as myself. Yours are looking lovely.

Yvette said...

What wonderful stitcheries! I love watching your flower garden grow too. One day I will make one too.

Quiltjane said...

Your hexie garden is looking great and I love the stitcheries.

Elyte said...

Lovely projects Marina. I particularly like that Helen Stubings stitchery.
Isn't it a treat to meet up with blogging friends, you already have so much in common.

Narelle said...

How wonderful to meet up with a blogging friend.
Your hexie garden is going to look gorgeous and I love the arrangement.
Beautiful stitcheries too! You've been super busy.

els koetsier said...

What are you making lovely things Marina. The hexies are wonderful and also you Christmas Stitchery's, you are on time to make now Christmas things.
The bird in the case lovely, its a goed thing to give it away.

Cheers Els

Lisa said...

You've been busy, and your work is so lovely. I've become addicted to stitcheries through seeing your lovely work. I now feel lost if I don't have something to stitch in the evening. DH and I are working our way through season one of The Sopranos on DVD, so as I watch all that murder and a cheating I sit stitching sweet little stitcheries.


Carrie P. said...

Well, you have been very busy. Your Christmas embroideries are so beautiful.