Thursday, 6 January 2011

stitching to my heart's content

These past few days I have been fitting in heaps of stitching. I want to have some christmas stitcheries ready to make up into gifts. I think I will try to make some runners that will accommodate the stitcheries well and also some decorations.
These two are designs I was lucky to win from Helen Stubings blog. There are some more designs that I will also get done.
I just need to finish something by the 25th!
I also want to make some pin cushions and scissor keepers.
Seeing as it's holiday time I fished out my Boys story stitchery that needed to be finished. Now I can sew up another block and make a start on the next stitchery. This quilt is a slow work in progress.
 Today I worked on a pressie for an overseas friend. I used some stitcheries from the Life is Beautiful patterns and thought I would make a table runner. Looks like it will be the year of the Table runner!

I also wanted to show off my surprise Christmas present from DH. He said he wanted to buy me something  as a surprise as we usually buy ourselves our Christmas gifts, something small to put under the tree.

He surprised me with a super dooper pair of dressmaking scissors and a pair of embroidery scissors.
I have always wanted to have a pair of quality 'proper' scissors. Ones that wouldn't double as paper scissors, hair (human and canine) scissors, chicken cutters, toe nail cutters,  etc etc Now I have them. I have warned everyone they are not to touch my scissors under any circumstances unless they have a death wish!
They cut like a hot knife through butter. I love them!
Hope you are getting heaps done!


Serenata said...

Some wonderful stitcheries Marina. Oh and some fabulous scissors. Nothing like a pair of proper dressmaking scissors is there?! Yes dreading having to wear glasses for close work, but needs must!

Melody said...

Great to see more of your beautiful work. Your table runner is fabulous.

Lisa said...

Wow you have been busy haven't you?! And those are three very different projects. Keep up the good work. Among other things we went for a picnic today in the gardens, and I sat under a palm tree stitching - it was magic!

Stephanie said...

Don't you just love getting new scisssors. That is one of my favorite things when starting a new project. Steph

Yvette said...

Great idea with your LIB blocks!

Hubby is a keeper.

Robyn said...

Lovely stitcheries Marina. Lol, my good sewing scissors have a piece of bright green ribbon firmly knotted onto one side of the handles so no one has any excuse to say "I didn't know they were the sewing pair".

Marina Brito de Campos said...

What a nice way to reuse your LIB patterns. And I love the little christmas stitcheries.

Elyte said...

I like the way you have used those LIB blocks. There are so many beautiful stitcheries in the project that look so good on their own or in smaller projects. I think you will have more than I thing to show on the 25th,

Mistea said...

Gorgeous projects you have been working on - Table runners are fun, must make some more of those for gifts.

Nice scissors, can't beat a good pair of scissors.


Narelle said...

A great start to 2011 with some lovely work!
The 25th will be here before we know it so I better get rolling ;)