Thursday, 29 December 2011

visiting the Garden...

Well Christmas is over and the New Year around the corner. We had a lovely Christmas and more importantly, a low stress one.

Over the past few weeks I have been plodding along with the stitcheries for block 3 and 4 of Down in the Garden, putting off the actual piecing of the blocks. Last night I decided it was time to put them together so that I could tick them off my 'catch up' list.

block 3

block 4 (this block is just missing the hexie flower on the yellow check square)
I am quite happy with how this is coming along. Block 5 will be a marathon of Stitching which doesn't put me off at all and the bonus is there is no Piecing!
progress so far....
Another item on my catch up list was to do a few rows of my Park Avenue Hexies.
I am happy to say there are three new rows to this project. I have another two to add on and then the task of making fill in hexies will be on the cards.

Narelle (of pins and whiskers) is co ordinating '1 christmas item' again for next year. I have chosen my first Christmas item to make and have put my magazines with Christmas patterns to one side for easy access to lots of inspiration.
That's me up to date for now.......
Hope that you all have a great and safe New Year!
See you next year!


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot.....

............Like Christmas.....
This week I received two lovely surprise envelopes in the mail.
One from Melody and one from Fiona....
Big Hugs to you both I am so chuffed by these, the workmanship in both is just fantastic. You are both such generous and thoughtful blog friends.Thankyou X
a lovely santa from Fiona, (bubz rugz)

a hexie doilie from Melody (house on the hill)
My new project for next year will be the Swan Lake (dancing dollies) Quilt. I found that a most talented quilter, Ingrid, is also making this quilt and hers is just magnificent! The blog is called Supergoof and I first found this blog when I was doing the Life is beautiful quilt, check out this version of it. Ingrid makes the most amazing quilts. I am just in awe of her workmanship and if mine is half as good as hers I will be more than a little happy!
Pop over and have a drool  look see. Feeling so inspired just looking at the progress
that is being made.

I'd like to wish all my blog friends a very safe and joyous festive season spent with those you love! Thanks for taking the time to visit and thankyou for your friendship.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

sparsely stitching...

things have been pretty hectic here what with the silly season in full swing.
An important event took place this week too. No 1 son had his graduation ceremony where he received his Teaching Degree, not just a degree but a pass with first class honours! He was absolutely over the moon as he didn't know until he was [presented with his degree. We are so proud of his achievement and we know how much work he and dedication he has put into his studies. He already has a job for next year so this was just the icing on the cake. Well done my boy!
Sewing has been pretty sparse over the past week but only four more working days and it will be happy holidays!
Yesterday the sewing group I go to got together for our Christmas lunch. We are a varied bunch with lots of different interests. This shows when it comes to our Khris Kringle gifts. I always gift a stitched item, another two do the most magnificent, fine crochet, another crochet, you get the picture...
One of the girls makes lovely crafty bags and I think I was the only one that hadn't received one yet. Well yesterday I received mine, tailor made to my personal interests and tastes. As you can see from the photos it fits my goodies perfectly..
DH will be happy as I won't have to leave my stitcheries and scissors all over the chair arm.

Here is the progress on my block four of Down in the garden...
Over Christmas I will sew the blocks together (hopefully). It's quite slow going at the moment.

I have also been working on Jack and Jill, it's ready to quilt....

Hope you have had a crafty weekend...
Roll on Christmas..

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas spirit....

The tree is up and the decorations have been distributed amongst the various vantage points in the lounge room...

I really enjoyed putting out the decorations this year..
I also picked up this lovely this morning..
There are some aspects of it that I am not 100% happy with but will have to live with it, I am afraid. Now to find somewhere to hang it... And where will I put it after Christmas is over?
just love this frame, not sure if it suits 100%, but I just love it.

love the red matting
I have been busy working on my down in the garden stitcheries for block 4. I just need some extra time in the day! Anyone have any spare?

Hope you have had some crafty time...

Monday, 5 December 2011

better late than never...

Now that the silly season has started it is getting harder to find time to do what I want but there are ways of working it if you try...
I have nearly managed to finish my gingerbread candle mats, just a little more binding to sew down on one of them... I remembered I had these lovely little candles in the cupboard and thought they would look gorgeous for a pic.. I have had them for about 30 years, just so cute I think..

Sunday I had to accompany DH to his shooting club Christmas shoot, sounds exciting doesn't it? Not many, in fact not one, of the other wives went so it was a perfect opportunity to do some stitching in the car (the weather was cold and drizzly). I would say it was quiet stitching time but at a shooting range there isn't much chance of quiet.
My progress on Rosalie Quinlan's new stitchery..

I have changed the colour of the thread as I wanted a more antique pink.
I also took my Christmas Wreath to be framed. It will be ready next week and should look fabulous. I was going to gift it but after the cost of framing I think I will be keeping it for myself. Then I will just need to find a place for it?
Here is a pic of the stitching for my Down in the garden block 3. I haven't pieced it together yet but it is all stitched..

This morning while I was downloading my photos the 'parcel postie' arrived with a wonderful package from the lovely Carine from Belgium! We have been exchanging patterns and emails for a little while, and she sent me these treasures and some patterns to keep me busy....
A lovely heart and pin cushion. I love the little girl and the terrier picture, just perfect!

Here is a close up with my crooked finger in it for size reference. These little owls are just adorable. It will make a wonderful addition to my pincushions. Thanks so much Carine!!!

there we go, I think I am all caught up with show and tell of what's been happening here.
Hope you have a great week!
Happy stitching.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Jack and Jill

Last week saw little stitching happening and thank goodness that Septimana Horribilis is over. I did make some doilies though and I enjoyed the change of craft a lot. On the weekend I got to pick up needle and thread again and how soothing that was!
This week has been much quieter on many fronts. We are childless this week as No 1 son is away with friends and no 3 son is away on camp. We had to call back no 2 son (who is not living at home at the moment) so that we didn't miss the others too much. I think he enjoyed a little only child attention. This week is a little insight into what it will be like when it is just me and the fella. Very quiet and peaceful I must say (and Tidy!), I could get used to this...... I do miss the boys but they are having a ball at their respective destinations.
Again my projects have to play second fiddle as the child this quilt is intended for has arrived a few weeks early.... I thought I better get a wriggle on. Mum graciously appliqued the faces and drew the lines for me to stitch the faces.
I have finished the applique and just a little more embroidery and then I will have to decide on how to put this together. The quilt is for a friend at work for her new grandson. I am hoping it won't be too girly, she was happy to still have the Jack and Jill.
I just love Jill's face and hair.

Gj's in Brunswick have a sale starting-their 25% off sale! I will be off to get some batting for two flimsies waiting to be quilted. That will make them one step closer to being finished!
My backing fabric arrived for my Swan Lake so that will be ready to go for next year..... It is a lovely 3 sisters fabric- Etchings, just beautiful. Can't wait.....
Hope you are having a great week...

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

early christmas gift.

One of my first swap partners was the lovely Els in the Netherlands. We have kept up correspondence and surprise packages for our birthdays and for Christmas. Els is way more organised than I am and her parcel came speedily in just a week. I was told I could open my parcels early so I didn't need much convincing once the parcel arrived yesterday. I am lucky to have it as the postie just dumped it on the front verandah of my house for all the passing world to see! He could have at least put inside the screen door-doesn't he know how precious this parcel would be?
I couldn't wait to open it! Luckily I remembered to take the photos..

Beautiful cross stitching on linen! It is just so delicate and small. Els has also included two pincushion kits for me. I just wanted to start one straight away but I think I will wait till the holidays. (if I can).

the kits include some lovely little finishing touches. 
The designs and kits are put together by a friend of Els. I have had a sticky beak at her website and they are beautiful. I have admired these linen cross stitcheries on a few overseas websites longing to have a go at them, but haven't seen many kits. I may be looking in the wrong places mind you as I do get a little daunted by cross stitches but these will be quite manageable and make a pretty addition to my pin cushion collection. 
If you are interested at having a peek at the website it is at
Definitely worth a look...
Thanks Els for such a wonderful parcel of goodies. Now I must get my act together and get posting.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

lovely friday meeting...

On Friday I had two lovely visitors.....
Fiona from Bubz rugz and Melody from house on the hill. Fiona and I had had a bloggy meet up earlier this year and as she was in my part of Aus. we had arranged another catch up and lovely Melody came too.
No 1 son was home too and joined in the jovial chatter till the conversation turned to hexagons then he just glazed over and retreated to his room. One woman obsessed with hexagons is enough, let alone three talking about hexagons! Poor thing is recovering from the trauma of all that craft talk.
Melody brought us both a lovely little package...

We spent a wonderful afternoon and it passed way too quickly. Melody and Fiona are just lovely, it's like we have known each other for years.
Melody took some pics so I have pinched them from her blog (with permission of course). My camera battery was flat.
this is Fiona and I peeking over the top of my Girls day out quilt
and here are Melody and I peeking over my flower garden. I know I said I had posted my last photo of it but.....
Thankyou Fiona and Melody for the most enjoyable catch up it was really great!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

a new project....

My lovely parcel of fabrics arrived today. Le petite ecole is just a gorgeous fabric range. I was lucky to get this as it was a bargain.
It will join my stash of Rural Jardin

And what will they become eventually.....
this...... hopefully. It will be a long term project but I am looking forward to making a start next year.
If you pop over to this blog called Buddy and me Sue-Anne  has recently finished one of these quilts. Her quilt progress pics inspired me to ask her where the pattern was from- and of course the hexies were a big drawcard. This pattern is from Stoneleigh Patchwork based on an antique quilt from Ayers House in South Australia.
I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew! I am happy to have it as a long term project.

Here is a pic for those that asked about the elephant label I made. I was sure I had showed it before but couldn't find where, so I thought I would post another photo.
It will go on this quilt..
Now to make a list of ufo's, wisp's and bom's.....Just to keep me on track.
Happy days!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

2 Checks off the list...

Bindings done!!! That's all there is to say about that.

 One of my quilts was 'adopted' a few weeks ago and I realised it didn't have a label, many of my other quilts are in the same predicament. When I first started making quilts I would quilt my initials or name and the date somewhere in the quilt, then I saw people talking about labels. Before my quilt went to it's new home overseas I made it a label and some extras for the 'un-labelled' others. There are still more that need labels but it's a start. I had found a great tutorial but can't remember where about making labels. You make the front then sew a backing piece onto it so that they are right sides facing. Sew right around the label then cut a slit in the backing fabric and turn inside out. Makes a lovely label and once it is stitched on the back of the quilt you would know the back is cut.

Hope you are having a great stitchy weekend!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

beware lots of pics....

 I wish they were mine......
these two quilts were made by my mum for my cousin's two children.
The last time I showed this monsters quilt it didn't have the borders.
Please excuse the photos I will replace them once I get better ones but we were fighting the clouds that wanted to open up on us.  thanks to a lovely sunny day I have replaced the old dull photos with some new ones.
These photos are much better and show the true colours in the quilt.

the needleturn applique is just perfect. I know where I get my obsessiveness from!

This is mum's latest finish, just back from the quilters.
The photo doesn't quite show how lovely and bright those pinwheels are. They are just gorgeous. The original pattern was for a small wall hanging (design by Chitter Chatter design). Mum enlarged it to fit a single bed and added the extra floral border (taken from another quilt design) and added the circle of butterflies in the corners to finish it off. It's just beautiful.
The quilting just finishes it off perfectly.

detail of the quilting.

Would love to kidnap both of these quilts.
Well done mum!
Now to get that binding done...