Sunday, 19 December 2010

a touching gift

yesterday we had our craft group break up lunch.
My Kris kindle gave me a wonderful heartfelt gift. I was so touched by the thoughts that accompanied my gift.
Three years ago my grandmother passed away. When we cleaned out their home we discovered where we got the hoarding gene from. She had worked in a woollen mill when she first came to Melbourne and she used to knit and crochet a lot. Her immense stash of wools was distributed to people we knew who would use it. My craft friend Mari was a happy recipient of some of the wool.
This is the poem that accompanied my gift..

In sewing circles it is true
That expertise resides in few,
And those of us without the knack
Bewail our sewing savvy lack.
So, with wool I wove a rug
From your Nonna's woolly stash,
I hope the memories it brings
Will all be bright and cheerful things!

And here is my lovely gift...

Mari has made a few crocheted delights for other members and I have always hoped that one day she would be my Kris Kindle. My wish came true and with much more.

Hope your weekend has been wonderful!


BubzRugz said...

I just love those crochet granny square rugs.... I would have cried (happy tears) getting that....

Narelle said...

A gorgeous gift and a beautiful gesture.
Love your pic in the header too.

Serenata said...

Oh lovely rug and so special, you must have been so thrilled to receive that.

I love your header as well! Is that your work?

Mistea said...

How gorgeous is your rug and how special a present for you from your grans yarn stash.


Micki said...

That is just gorgeous!