Tuesday, 21 December 2010

lovely friends..

Yesterday I received a gift in the mail from lovely Els in the Netherlands. Els and I were stitching angel swap partners two years ago and we have kept up correspondence since. Els sent me this surprise parcel of goodies for Christmas. It has the most adorable handmade gifts in it. She also sent a huge bag of used postage stamps for No 3 son who has had fun sorting through. Soaking and sorting should entertain him for a few days of the holidays at least!

these adorable fabrics are going to be used only on a special project they are just so beautiful!

I have been busily working on hexies and my Stitching round the block duties.
I just had to give you a sneak peak..... Just the stitched butterflies and then it is home sweet home to Carol's house. She included a lovely charm pack with her original stitchery and I just had to take some artistic licence so that I could use up more than just what was needed for the hexies. I could have made heaps more hexies with the enclosed squares of loveliness, but one must have some self control, musn't one!

Am just LOVIN' the holidays..
Now to think of a thankyou gift for Els.

ps the mystery of the missing Hungarian swap parcel has been solved. It arrive back at my home yesterday after having made a brief visit to the Hungarian post office on the 29th of November, then it began its journey back here marked 'insufficient address'. I had forgotten the house number and street name! After much apologising it is making its second trip to Hungary leaving today.
Sorry to my swap partner for being such a nuff.


Yvette said...

I love those ornaments!! Very cute!!

BubzRugz said...

Hahahaha - good on you for admitting the address mistake!! So glad it is found though..... your gifts from Els are so lovely. stitching around the block I know will be wonderfull... looking forward to seeing the final

Mistea said...

Glad your work wasn't all lost in the mystery that can be the postal service and found its way back to you safely.

I love those gorgeous decorations you have received and am looking forward to the big reveal of all those round the blocks. Pretty colours on that one.

Serenata said...

Oh you are having fun with all those fabulous fabric's of Carol's aren't you?! It is looking really lovely.

Els package is amazing - you will have fun with those goodies I am sure.

Laughing at the missed address, but so glad that the parcel didn't get lost.

Carrie P. said...

Oh no, that is terrible about the mystery package but at least you got it straightened out.
Very nice gifts you received.
Cute hexagons too.

Micki said...

I love the buttons...can't wait to see what you do with them. Also, loved your hexies!

Lisa said...

Ohhhhhhh my, aren't those heart ornaments pretty. I am in serious danger of spending no time actually stitching and all my time browsing on the computer.