Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The mailman cometh!!!

I came home at lunchtime today to two wonderful parcels that I had been waiting for.
One was an ebay purchase of wooden cotton reels for my Christmas tree bases. I have been wanting some of these for ages but as I don't want to waste the ones with cotton on them, I have since bought some crafting reels that are a bit smaller but are the ones I will use for my trees. They remind me of my mum's sewing boxes and of course my nannas. They were a great bargain and they fill an Anzac tin nicely.
The next parcel I got had these lovely stamps....
So I got very excited...Norway- it must be my friends swap from Oddbjorg!!
I carefully ripped into the package. I couldn't wait. The parcels were all wrapped so beautifully in blue and white..

 I opened the individual parcels..
f for flower fabrics and thread
r for romantic blue button
i for item no 3 ( a gorgeously well made zip purse)
e for enjoy a bath (some soap)
n for Norwegian pictures (calendar)
d for dishcloth
s for stitchery pattern with dog and cat

As you can see the gifts are just adorable and suit me to a t! The colours and goodies are perfect!!
Oddbjorg has chosen things that I will really love. The little zipped purse has the most gorgeous fabric with blue cottons. I love it. My friends at work were amazed at the fabric and workmanship.
Thankyou so much Oddbjorg. I love them!!!
Thanks to Khris for running another enjoyable swap. It is wonderful.

This week I should be getting some more mailman visits with fabric I have ordered. I feel a little naughty but they were such good bargains. Who can resist?


BubzRugz said...

Lovely gifts - I think that cotton fabric is so great too.....


Melody said...

Fabulous presents, I love everything you received. The cotton reels are great too.

Serenata said...

Simply wonderful Marina, wooden cotton reels and the most gorgeous swap gifts with of course the most perfect colours!

Looking forward to seeing your fabrics.

teresa said...

Love what you got in the mail Marina.. Those old cotton reels are just lovely and I'm glad you got a bargain. Your swap gifts are gorgeous. I love the fabric in that little purse... great ideas that Oddbjorg came up with for the letters too. Very nice!

Narelle said...

You must be keeping your mailman on the run. :)
Lovely gifts from Oddbjorg!

Mistea said...

Just gorgeous presents. Love those cotton reels I think I have some like that.

Pretty swap presents, that fabric in the pouch is perfect.

Lucky you.

Oddbjørg said...

I'm glad to hear that you have received the parcel.
It was nice to put together the gifts.

Carrie P. said...

great gifts. I really can't wait to see your trees you will make. I have some spools and was going to make some too, but not sure how I will do them.