Monday, 29 November 2010

hexies and healing hearts.

Saturday I went to my monthly craft group. I spent a lovely morning. This weekend I mainly concentrated on some healing hearts to send to New Zealand. I have only managed some ones with Kiddy prints for this batch and will work on some more for next week. Just need to stock up on some vliesofix and cream homespun.

Just thought I would show you what else has been filling my stitching time now that my swaps are done. These hexies are from the jelly roll of Park avenue fabrics that I bought a little while ago. Boy is it taking a lot of time to make these up. I want to make all the hexies before I start putting the flowers together. I made one up because I wanted to see how the fussy cut birds looked. The whole jelly roll is cut ready to go and the next batch of pieces is just waiting to be tacked down.
I am also taking part in a hexie flower swap and these will be added to my scrappy hexie top. I could finish it the size it is but the swap was too good an opportunity to pass up to add to the top.
Friday in the mail I received another jelly roll that I had forgotten that I had ordered. It is a Rural Jardin jelly roll to go with the fabric I received from Oddbjorg in our friends swap. Just need to decide whether to chop it up and add it to the Park avenue hexies or use it for something else.
Decisions, Decisions.

Saturday night Dh and I took  the boys, my sil and her hubby and my mum out for dinner to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I can't believe the years have flown by so quickly. We went to a beautiful seafood restaurant right on the marina (how appropriate). DH and I went there last year for our anniversary too. It was a lovely night spent with people who are dear to us. We actually met at my sil's house. I used to babysit her boys as she was a friend of my mum's. I still blame her for us getting together!
Off to U2 on Wednesday! Woohoo. Can't wait. Dinner with the work girls on Thursday, also expecting some goodies in the mail. I am looking forward to this week.
Have a lovely week...


Mistea said...

Love the look of your hearts - must make a start on some of those.

Good luck with all those hexies - I honestly can't imagine that many, they will look gorgeous when done.

Enjoy your week

BubzRugz said...

Happy Anniversary.... 25 is a special landmark.... and sounds like you celebrated in style.... I sent some hearts off today.. but like you ran out of vliesofix and got some more today.
Your stitcharoundtheblock arrived today.... and I see you now have more hexies to make... little ones.... lots of them...... oh.... I didn't buy wine.....

Serenata said...

Some lovely healing hearts there Marina and the hexie pile look good.

Happy Anniversary, sounds like it was a very special evening. :-)

Serenata said...

Some lovely healing hearts there Marina and the hexie pile look good.

Happy Anniversary, sounds like it was a very special evening. :-)

teresa said...

Your hearts and hexies look great. I've just sent my hearts off to NZ today. Happy Anniversary to you as well. I wish I was going to see U2..You will have an awesome night. Have a great week... it sounds like it's going to be a beauty. xx

Carrie P. said...

How nice to expect a good week on the way. I hope it is all you expect.
You have been busy sewing.
Happy Belated Anniversary! 25 years! that is awesome.