Friday, 12 November 2010

feeling hot, hot, hot....

Well where is the thunderstorm and the cool change!!Today has been a stinker in Melbourne. We have had a few warm days, we have even hit 29-30 degrees. The change was supposed to come early afternoon with heaps of rain but so far....nil, nada, niente, rien, zip, zero, zilch, hakuna! Well you get the picture.
 I wish it was winter again..
One good thing about today was that a special parcel arrived from Oddbjorg in Norway. When she sent me her friends swap goodies she hadn't finished one item and said she would post separately. Today it arrived and it is the most gorgeous bag in my favourite colour-blue.

I even took it for a test run to the post office to post the above items to Carol in NSW who didn't receive any goodies from her colours swap person. Lisa asked if anyone would like to make some things and I was more than happy to. I hope she likes them.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend..


Melody said...

Lovely bag you received and I love what you are sending to Carol. Beautiful work and such a kind thing to do. Have a great weekend too.

BubzRugz said...

The bag is great and so are you for sending extra gifts off..... you deserve a wonderful weekend!

els koetsier said...

What did you have nice parcel get from your quiltpartner in Norway. The bag is wonderfull.

Its here now very hard wind and cold.

Cheers Els

Serenata said...

Lovely bag Marina, and perfect for those trips to the post office. How kind of you to step in and send another colour swap. I'm sure your goodies will be very gratefully received.

You've got it hot, we've got it cold!

Carrie P. said...

Oh, what nice gifts. That owl is just precious.

Elyte said...

Let that postman keep on coming to your house with all those goodies. Still in the south of France and using McDonald's internet. I did buy a coffee! One more week then home sweet home.

Mistea said...

gorgeous bag - looks just the right size for a trip to the post office, especially if you need to collect your squishy packages.

That cool change was very lazy - and I really wanted the heavy rain to wash the bugs off the car, this hot weather has certainly got the bugs hopping!

Enjoy your weekend.

Robyn said...

Love the blue bag you received. The swap items you're sending are nice and that owl is adorable!

Narelle said...

So have you had any rain yet?
Gorgeous blue bag...looks a nice size for fabric shopping.
Your pink goodies look sweet and love the owl ... lucky Carol!

Lisa said...

Thank you for sending such wonderful gifts Marina.. I great appreciate you help. Carol has emailed me saying she has recieved them. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Hugs Lisa