Tuesday, 16 November 2010

big apology to readers of my blog

I have to make an apology and my excuse is that I am technologically challenged and the 'puter doesn't do what I say when I push the button!
Poor Fiona politely pointed out to me that sometimes I have jumbo photos of the same things in my posts. (Thankyou for pointing this out Fi I appreciate it heaps!)
I thought this was funny as sometimes I have great difficulty uploading photos to my posts! Well Der!!! they have been uploading and sometimes many times in fact and at Jumbo size!
they don't appear when I am writing a post so I have assumed that they aren't there.
I also have problems seeing pics all the time on other blogs but couldn't work it out. Well.... ta da I have sort of worked it out. When I blog or look at blogs through Mozilla is when I have 'photo' issues. When I go through my internet provider I don't but the uploading is much slower.
So sorry to everyone who has been looking at my ginormous multitude of photos thinking 'what is she doing?', but the pics look nice? I have fixed up the most recent posts to the way I had thought they were looking like and as a form of compensation No Pics on this Post!
Has anyone else had these issues? would love to not feel alone in Dersville!


BubzRugz said...

I was going to write something sympathetic but my word verification is deris..... I'm sorry - I have to pick myself up off the floor...

Melody said...

Hi Marina,
Have you tried posting using Picassa. I find it so much easier for successfully getting photos up.

NessaKnits said...

Don't worry too much, we are all on a learning curve!

Carrie P. said...

I had noticed that but wasn't sure if you were doing it on purpose. You just never know what you will get with the computer. I don't have that issue but yesterday I was trying to load some pictures and blogger kept loading them sideways. Finally got it fixed.

Elyte said...

I liked the big pictures. It gave a closer look at your lovely handwork although there were probably too many repeats of the same pics.