Monday, 8 November 2010

Aunty Marina....

conversation with 5 year old great niece...
  • Aunty Marina?
  • Yes Molly,
  • Why weren't we around when everything was black?
  • What do  you mean when everything was black?
  • You know, In the 60's?
  • Oh in the 60's (where is this coming from? but a question deserves an answer), well I can tell you, because I was there in the 60's that were was lots of light, it wasn't all black in the 60's. When was it black, (please explain?) do you mean like with the dinosaurs?
  • No, you know when Noah built his ark and everything was black...
  • Oh that blackness? (should've known there was a bible story involved!) Well it was black like when we have a storm and there are dark clouds because it had to rain for 40 days and 40 nights. But it was dark at night.
  • Oh Okay....
  • Phew! 
Where do they get these sort of questions from. Next time I may say ask your mother?
In conclusion for all those of you who don't remember the sixties perhaps you were stuck on Noah's ark in the blackness waiting for the rains to stop!


Serenata said...

Oh aren't littlies funny with the things they come out with?

BubzRugz said...

very cute....... I like Molly least you didn't get asked if there were dinosaurs around when you were little...... mmmmmm]

Melody said...

Little kids are fascinating. I was a little kid in the black old 60's so I remember it too.

Mistea said...

I like that question - but I didn't see Noah in the 60's