Thursday, 7 October 2010

stitching around the block?

The last two years I have participated in Helen Stubbings Stitchers Angel swap. This year she has decided to have a break but she has come up with something new.
A round of friendship project. Helen is providing the pattern first one will be out the 18th of October. You stitch your part then pass it on to the next person in the group and so on till you get a small friendship quilt  back at the end of it. Not sure if it is just for Australia either.
It involves stitching and even perhaps hexagons. What can I say you know how I am loving hexagons at the moment. You have to get three friends (plus yourself) together to register. I am not sure if I am up to this but was wondering if anyone is interested?
food for thought?
Pop over to Helen's blog and check out the rules and let me know what you think?


The Patch Craft said...

If you need someone, count me in sounds like fun....

Elyte said...

You know me, I love this sort of stuff but the timing is all wrong for me at the moment. Unfortunately I can't get involved in this one.

BubzRugz said...

Hi Marina,
I had the same thought as you - not sure if I should do something else or not?? But it sounds like it isn't a HUGE undertaking.... I'm in if you're in??????

Serenata said...

Oh I'm interested Marina, would love to be in your group as you are already a friend. :-)

Will pop over and have a looksie.

Serenata said...

Just a thought, I wonder if Tracey from Mistea Crafts would like to join in?

Narelle said...

Sounds like a lovely idea but I think I'll just watch this one from the sidelines.
Have fun!