Wednesday, 1 September 2010

a surprise in the mail

Well phooey to the first day of Spring. It has been so cold and miserable today.
The highlight of the day was a lovely parcel I received in the mail.
Through Judit's blog I popped over to  Kinga's blog where she was having a give away of some gorgeous crochet. After the winners were drawn she decided to send everyone who entered a gift.
She also included some lovely laces. No 3 son scored the lovely stamps from the envelope so he was thrilled. It seems everyone here gets excited when I get a parcel they figure there is a chance they may score a goody as well.

The workmanship is just so lovely and perfect. Sorry about the dark photo.
Thankyou so much Kinga.
Half way through the week already. This Saturday I have been asked to steward at a Dog obedience trial. I am so excited. It may even awaken my interest in obedience again. God knows the four leggers need it.



Mistea said...

Beautiful gift to receive, the crochet looks gorgeous.

Lucky you

Elyte said...

What a lovely surprise and generous gesture by Kinga.
Have fun on Saturday, be fair and just.

Oddbjørg said...

What a nice surprise!

Carrie P. said...

wow, that was really nice of her. gorgeous doily.

Bev said...

Lucky you, Marina. Just beautiful.

Dudit said...

Thank you. The day was exciting, but we both really enjoyed it.

Petit Ange said...

I am so so happy to see that you like my little package! :)