Sunday, 5 September 2010

a little ray of sunshine

today we have managed some sunshine. I sure could have done with some yesterday at the dog trial.
I still had a fantastic time even though a lot of the day was spent in the rain. The conditions were very hard for the triallers and a lot pulled out, but the stalwart lunatics plodded along. There weren't many passes but the weather made it very difficult. The rings were very water logged and most of the dogs refused to drop and sit.  I rugged up really well. I am sure Scott of the Antarctic would have been proud, so I managed to stave off any cold. My feet stayed dry even though I was splashing in 1 inch of water at times. Rain isn't that bad if you can keep your head and feet dry! I wouldn't win any fashion awards but I was warm as toast. It was great to catch up with 'doggy' acquaintances and hear things from the judges perspective as both the judges I stewarded for were very knowledgeable and experienced. I have trialled under both of them in past years.
Crafting that has been getting done is hush, hush so not much that I can show. I did spend last night getting heaps done on my friends swap items.
I needed some stuffing for a project and thought I would put this jar of trimmings to good use. When I was trimming my hexies I just didn't want to throw all the lovely snippets away. This jar has stored the bits perfectly. It originally had peanut butter in it and was a special edition about 25 years ago. Just couldn't throw her away once she was empty.
 Hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods!


Serenata said...

Yes lovely sunny day! Sorry to hear of your splishing and a sploshing in the rain. Glad you enjoyed yourself though :-)

Wonderful jar!

BubzRugz said...

What is it about glass jars that make it hard to throw out?? It looks lovely with the snippets in....

Elyte said...

Glad to hear that you managed to have a good day. There has been so much rain lately, we are not used to it.
Sounds like you are making good progress with your swap items. I look forward to seeing them when the time comes.

ted and bunny said...

hi there, just wanted to say thanks for popping over and entering my giveaway.

Love your blog- love the dogs, such a coincidence...we went to a Steam Fair (Great Dorset Steam Fair if you want to google it, if it interests you!) on Wednesday and there was a lady walking 3 curly-coats.
Haven't seen one here for years, such beautiful dogs and very much admired by all.

Stephanie said...

Marina, Love the snipets container. It is just wonderful. I use a shoebox and I have several. I often dig into them for projects. Steph