Friday, 10 September 2010

blooms galore!

this week I have been busy making hexagons. They are such a relaxing distraction to other things that need to be done. I have sewn another row onto the joined top and it is looking ok, I think. I still like the mixtures of different fabrics and styles of fabrics.
As I have made mine of lots of different fabrics I was wondering if any other flower makers need some more variety and would like to swap some fabrics? It would only have to be enough to make one flower or if you wanted to swap more we could do that too. It could be in a strip or a square, one colour or two co ordinating fabrics. Email me if you would like to....
This afternoon I also had a lovely phone call to tell me that my Heart and Home quilt was quilted and ready to be picked up!
I couldn't wait . Hopefully this weekend I will be able to do the binding and it will be finished!
Judit's parcel has been posted and is making it's way to Hungary! Hope it gets there quickly!


Yvette said...

They are all so lovely!

Elyte said...

I love the anticipation of picking up a quilt. I remember my first one. I asked the quilter what she would do if I didn't like it and she said she would have unpicked it! You know, I think she would have. But I loved it so no problem.
We are planning a trip and I think I will take some hexies along as a travel project. What do you think?

ted and bunny said...

Hi- although you didn't win the big "prize" in my Giveaway, I've found some fabrics, and I'd really like to send you some for the hexagons.
If you would let me have your address, I'll send it off to you

Micki said...

Your hexagons are so pretty!