Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tuesday's treasures

It's Tuesday Treasures again.
This week I hunted out something that reminds me of a special day. DH is the youngest of 7 and I am the eldest of three and eldest grandchild. When we got married nearly 25 years ago it was quite the shinding! Really we were very lucky to have had so much goodwill and good feeling on our special day.
Here is a box of mementoes from that day.
 I especially love the rolling pin, boot and wishbone. They seemed quite unusual at the time.
I think I got so many wedding trinkets my arm was covered! Maybe all the horseshoes did bring us a lot of luck.

And here are some that belonged to my mother on her wedding day 46 years ago. (the little flowers are made of wax) They are a little discoloured but still lovely. She gave them to me before my wedding. I also wore her wedding dress.

When I emptied the box I even found that I had kept DH's flower corsage.
I am such a hoarder!
Have a lovely Tuesday!


BubzRugz said...

I love reading your treasures - it is like opening up a book and finding a wonderful story.... These are lovely - the 25th will be soon and you can use the lovely little silver momentos then hey? I love the bits from your moms wedding too.... I must get out mine for a treasure picture too!! Hugz

clare's craftroom said...

Thank goodness you are a hoarder so we can see all your treasures and how lovely they are !

Marina said...

Hello Marina,
What a beautifull Tuesday Treasures! I just don't understand this tradition. We don't have it in the Netherlands.
Love, Marina.

Elyte said...

You have so many treasures tucked away. What lovely memories for you. Do you remember who gave you each individual charm?

Mistea said...

Those treasures are gorgeous - I love seeing all those things that people get on their wedding day.

Sheila said...

Marina , such lovely treasures and I agree with Clare it is good that you are a hoarder so we can all share in your special treasures.