Saturday, 7 August 2010


A busy day today!
Craft group this morning and it was an early start to get the place spic and span for my turn to host the group. And to get the food ready for my craft friends.
Everything went well and I only managed a minute amount of stitching in between making cups of tea and getting food ready. It was just enough to finish off this last applique block of my Boys story quilt.
In the afternoon I headed off the school production of Jesus Christ Superstar. I love the music for this musical and I have always loved the perspective that this musical takes. I see it as a  bit alternative, not too religious, which may sound strange considering the subject matter, and I always feel very sad too. I always hated going to church at easter time as a teenager as I always found the Easter story a very sad and cruel one and it has always remained with me as this.
The student performances were just unbelievable and they had a very talented girl playing the role of Judas which was a really great twist.
I loved it but it always leaves me with mixed emotions.
Well, that's a sure way to bring the tone down isn't it? Let's take it back up!

Lazy night tonight will be spent considering hexagons at different stages. All I can see are cream hexagons at various states of completion. Get a move on girl!
Tomorrow we are planning a sunday drive. Not sure how many of us will go as now that the two older boys are more independent it just seems to be me and the old man and no 3 son. I suppose we better get used to our numbers dwindling down to just two one day.
Thanks to all the comments about my lovely hand painted china.
Here is a little photo gallery of some of my other special plates...because I love photos and I love to share the talents of a special lady.
(if you click on the pics you can see more of the detail)

Hope your weekend is passing by slowly and enjoyably...


Carrie P. said...

A very cute little train. You plates are lovely. I have done some china painting a very long time ago and it certainly did not look as good as those plates.

Mistea said...

The detail on those plates is amazing. Beautiful work.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday drive.