Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Maisie does some stitching....

Last night Princess Maisie decided to examine my stitching and make sure all the stitches were neat and straight.
I have to be careful as one of my swap partners is allergic to cats but luckily this isn't for her. Trust Maisie to take an interest when she isn't supposed to.
 Here is where my hands were kept busy on the weekend.........
The brown one will be a gift for an overseas friend's birthday which is coming up soon.

The coloured one I am not so sure of who it will go to. I decided to use up all my embroidery wools. I am half way through another one but I have run out of wool.
I have always wanted to try this pattern. It is so easy and grows quickly.
The pattern was on a great website If you like to crochet or try new patterns check it out.
Have a great week


Elyte said...

You have been very busy - the scarves look soft and warm.
I enjoyed browsing through your flickr album. You have received some gorgeous gifts and your Nostalgia blocks look great. Every time I look at them I notice something I haven't seen before!

Eli said...

You also do crochet!!! Multi-talented woman!
Un abbraccio.

Serenata said...

I love the scarves...they are great. Right off to find the pattern!

Naughty, but very cute Maisie :-)

Stephanie said...

These are beautiful. I had to go visit, found you on Micki's blog. Love you kitties! Steph

Carrie P. said...

Oh, such a sweet picture of Masie.