Tuesday, 6 July 2010

tuesday treasures.

It is Tuesday already!
I have a cheerier Tuesday Treasure post this week, and no dust either!
My treasures this week are my lockets. They were all a gift from my husband.
The white gold one was a gift for our wedding day nearly 25 years ago. I used to have a picture of my dog and my hubby in it. The middle one was a gift when no 2 son was little and it holds a picture of the two older boys. It also has teeth marks more visible on the back as no 2 son used to grab it and bite it when he was little. No matter what it is always shiny and never dulls. I probably like this one the most.
The third one was a birthday present. I needed a locket that held four photos as by now we had no 3 son. So it holds four photos of all my boys. I love the engraving on the back of it, it was done by the same jeweller that engraved our wedding rings. But it does remind me of an old fashioned tattoo that should read 'mother'. Maybe the jeweller started out in a different trade?

I adore lockets and treasure these as each one has different memories attached to it. There will be one for each of the boys when I need to pass them on.
See promised this one would be cheerier.
Sun is shining here and this afternoon SIL is coming over to learn how to cut out squares to make her first patchwork quilt.
Have started the June Sweet nostalgia block so I don't feel so far behind. Bindings need to be stitched on the baby blankets so am on target with my holiday list!
Hope you have a great day.


clare's craftroom said...

Marina they are beautiful lockets and such lovely treasures to pass down . Thanks for playing .

mandapanda said...

What gorgeous lockets! I love the engraving on the back of the third one, it doesn't remind me of a tattoo at all. More like a scroll, I think. How wonderful!! Thankyou for sharing!

BubzRugz said...

What lovely lockets - I LOVE the toothmarks.... just makes it so special. All the best to SIL - I hope you have warned she will be addicted very soon........ You will have to show us all, or maybe she'll start her own blog and we can all walk with her through her first quilt.........

Sue said...

Your lockets are beautiful. I love them too.

Joy said...

Marina they're so spesh .. and I LOVE the engraving, although I can see what you mean LOL. My Mum has a lovely gold locket with pics of her parents in it, I always loved to look inside it when I was younger :o).
Joy :o)

Serenata said...

I love the story you tell about your lockets and what each one means. Makes them all the more special.

Somebody spoilt me today! You are just wonderful! Thank you special friend. :-)

Elyte said...

There are lovely sentiments associated with each locket and they will become more special every year. I hope you wear them and enjoy them often.
How did the cutting lesson go today?

Sheila said...

Your lockets are all very beautiful with wonderful stories behind each .

Eli said...

Three little precious treasures to cherish. Every one has its own story to tell. So lovely. A big hug. Eli

rozhearts said...

I have so enjoyed reading what others share on Tuesday Treasures. These little lockets are certainly something to treasure.
(((HUGS))) Roz.