Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sweet nostalgia progress

It's thursday already. I am so glad the week is nearly over.

Haven't been spending that much time on the computer this week so I missed Tuesday treasures.
Last weekend Mum and I made a trip to GJ's and to Spotlight. I managed to buy some more '30s and civil war fabrics so I have a lovely stash of each.
This week I have been busy catching up on my Sweet Nostalgia blocks.
I finished those leaves on block 10 and traced the latest block. Block 2 was also in need of some attention. I had bypassed this one at the start but revisited it and made a few changes. The block had a Halloween theme and as we don't celebrate Halloween here I wanted to change it a little. Now I am up to date and making great headway on Block 11. The little dog Dorothy has drawn just reminds me so much of my Foxy Peggy that I love the blocks with the little dog so much. On block two I drew the little dog to be standing against the fence.

Once these blocks are done I can start the Raggedy Anne & Andy blocks.  On Kaaren's blog she has a gorgeous pic of the first block done by a blogger using 30's fabrics. I was tossing up whether to use '30s fabrics for this project and once I saw this photo I am sold! I am also thinking of doing the stitching in colours instead of just red work. Will have to think hard about that one though.
Hope you have had a great week.
Roll on weekend!


Mistea said...

The blocks are looking good - can't wait to see them come together.

Enjoy your weekend.

BubzRugz said...

Your stitching looks lovely Marina - I like the way you have adapted these to make your own.... I am also 'planning' on doing Raggedy Anne and Andy.... not sure of the fabrics though.... Hugz

Elyte said...

Maybe we have the winter blues! Your blocks are looking lovely and i like how you have added your own touch. Sounds like you are looking forward to the new project.