Friday, 30 July 2010

a super swap!!!

Well I have been sooooo good all year and kept my resolution to not do any swaps this year. But there are two that I will make an exception for
Khris's friends swap and Helen's stitchers angel swap.
Haven't heard anything about whether the stitcher's angel swap will be running this year, but Khris is running the friends swap again this year. I took part last year and loved it. It was a challenge and luckily I have kept my brainstorming notes from last year. Sometimes I think I take things way too seriously!
The idea is to swap 7 gifts using the letters of the word FRIENDS.
Narelle and I were swap partners last year and I think I can say we both enjoyed our gifts.
It is so much fun to receive and send goodies in the mail.
Sign up is by the 10th August.
It is a really fun swap and if you think it is too hard - here are the goodies sent last year......

and received...........

Have a great weekend!


Elyte said...

Looks like fun. I have been thinking about doing this one and I think you have just convinced me!

BubzRugz said...

Hi Marina - I have signed up too..... my first swap!! Sounds like a bit of fun..... I love your ideas from last year..


Eli said...

Scusami, non mi sono piĆ¹ fatta sentire. I'm working a lot and tomorrow I'm going to mountain for a week. I'll write you as soon as I'm back home.
I like a lot this swap, I'll sign up when I'm back. It will be my first one!
Ti saluto e ti abbraccio.
Buon fine settimana