Friday, 11 June 2010

something to show and something to tell...

Yesterday I received a gorgeous package in the mail. A gift from  a friend in the Netherlands. Els and I were swap partners in one of Helen's  Stitcher's angel swaps and we have kept in contact since. Els sent me some beautiful fabric for my birthday. I already have them earmarked for a project.

I feel very lucky to have met so many lovely people through crafting. It is great to share interests and things that are happening in your life with other supportive people.
Today I will farewell a friend from the craft group I go to who lost her battle with cancer this week. She was a retired school principal who was an incredible woman.  It is hard to describe her but she was tough as old boots yet caring and a woman to be greatly respected and admired. I know I did. She  made the most beautiful quilts and cross stitch pictures. I feel thankful to have joined this group and to  have known this 'superwoman', a real role model. All the women in our group are just wonderful and to lose one is tragic.



Elyte said...

A sad day for you today but how fortunate that your lives crossed paths. Hope the sun shines for you all day.

Mistea said...

Beautiful fabrics - can't wait to see what you make.

Hope the celebration of a life well lived was good. Crafty people cross paths often, no matter what their 'real' life looks like. Like you I always feel blessed that I can join with others who gain pleasure from crafting.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Eli said...

I'm close to your sadness and pain. Con tutto il mio affetto.