Tuesday, 8 June 2010

a small confession

Yes, I will confess it, yesterday was my birthday.
You know you are getting older when some of the people you work with are young enough to be your children and when you don't like seeing your age on the birthday cake! Hubby thought it looked nice. AAGGGHH! I know my age I don't need to see it in piped chocolate.
One of the girls at work made a gorgeous ginger fluff sponge for morning tea and mum brought me in some flowers at work. Hubby brought me my present on Saturday and of course gave it to me straight away, without wrapping it mind you. Two new pairs of jeans-ladies jeans. I can't remember the last time I bought a pair of ladies jeans. I live in jeans and I had some hand me downs  and I found men's jeans just suited my odd shape better anyhow, and they are always cheaper! But now I have two lovely pairs of stretch ladies jeans and they fit beautifully and are so comfortable to wear and to be honest a little more flattering. It is tough being a tomboy.
The boys put in together and bought me a special dvd set of John Denver in concert. I have only had time to watch one as the dvd player is misbehaving.
I just love his voice and live is even better. We saw him twice in concert when he came to Australia.
His music just moves me.
The big horsey quilt was delivered and considering the amount of time and effort I had put into it the response was a little underwhelming. Oh well learn a lesson for the next time......choose your target audience. It made me feel good when I was making it and that's what matters.
Have started stitching the May Sweet Nostalgia as the next one will be out in a week so and I hadn't started yet. Hexies will need to step aside for a little bit. I think I miss them already!
Have a lovely week!


Elyte said...

Happy Birthday Marina may you enjoy every day to it's fullest. Looks like you were pampered by everyone around you and the boys gave you gifts that were really close to your heart. Celebrate for a week, if you are up to it! And no I haven't tackled a hexie yet!

Mistea said...

Glad you enjoyed your day and got the kind of presents you like.
Numbers are just that, enjoy which ever one it is there will be a new one before you know it.
Have a great year.

Bev said...

Happy Birthday, Marina!! I was just wondering when it was! Glad you had a wonderful day. Here's to another wonderful year. Remember, age is more than just a number...it's attitude!

Serenata said...

Oh you naughty lady not telling me before! Glad you had a lovely day. Sorry you didn't get the response you were hoping for with the quilt. I bet in the future, its specialness will be realized and very much appreciated.

Narelle said...

Biggest Bestest Birthday Wishes!
Winging their way to you!

corry said...

Hiep hiep hoera! Best birthday wishes for you marina. Good to hear you had a wonderful day.

Dorothy said...

A belated Happy Birthday Marina.
Your birthday cake looks yummy! Hope you had a fantastic day.

Eli said...

Happy Birthday Marina!
Un abbraccio