Tuesday, 29 June 2010

on track to catch up (so far)...

The holidays have started off just as I would like them Staying up late crafting, sleeping in, keeping up with housework and have a yummy tea ready.
We also are enjoying a visitor during this week of the holidays-our neighbour's Labrador Stitch. She is just adorable. She doesn't get as much attention as my boys do so when she comes over she is in heaven. Company, walks, affection, people fussing over her....What more is there in life?
Coffee loves her but Monty ignores her and prefers she keep away from him but she thinks he is great and loves to go up to him and schmooze him.
Dogs are excellent communicators by body language and this is the closest I could get Monty to sit near Stitch. Obvious how he feels isn't it? He doesn't even want to look at her. If I don't acknowledge you, you don't exist. But she and Coffee enjoy each others company and were happy to snuggle up together. In fact it makes Coffee's day. Give me that puppy love!
I love the three colours together. Labs come in the three colours but curlies don't. I could have a set, better not let DH hear me thinking that aloud.....
I have been busy on my list as you can see, and I have two items crossed off and am ready to cross off another. They were things that only needed a little work so I am not as clever as I appear.
I will try to photograph the borders on my two finishes today to show. I have also decided to make another top to back the Life is Beautiful instead of just backing fabric. I have heaps of brown fabric left over so will use that to do a shoo fly block to make up the back. So no quilting for that quilt just yet. My Heart and Home quilt will be going to the quilters this week. We're moving baby!
Technically I am up to date with my Sweet Nostalgia blocks too as I have finished May's block and traced June's. I have till the 15th of July to be offically behind on June's block. -It's all about perspective.
Here is May's..
How does your garden grow?.

 I just love these two little boys in the garden. So cute.
I will work on finishing my baby throws.  I just need to decide whether to hand quilt or machine quilt. I know which will be quicker. It will depend on how my arm holds up.
Loving the holidays!


Elyte said...

Sounds like the holidays have started wonderfully for you - a bit of everything. Those puppy dogs are so cute. We had to put ours down a few years ago and have never got another dog. They are so loving and loyal. The backyard always seems empty now.
Enjoy the break. I am still tackling all the tax stuff but sneaking in a bit of stitching here and there.

Yvette said...

What an adorable stitchery!

Love your dogs!!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Thta's really sweet, lovely stitching & those camelia's below are stunning! Thanks for popping over...

Mistea said...

Gorgeous block, I love the children in these stitcheries.

Your puppies are just beautiful - so like dogs to be tolerant if not always friendly.

Enjoy your break and stay warm.

Serenata said...

I just love your stitching blocks. I really must learn how to do it! The two little boys are so cute :-)