Monday, 14 June 2010

monday, monday...... good to me, Monday morning, it was all I thought it would be....
I love that Mamas and the Papas song.
Queen's birthday holiday today. How come she gets a public holiday? I should've had one last week!
Today started off very lazily. The sun decided to shine so it was a mad dash to get all the washing out to dry before the weather decided to change. Lucky for me it didn't and we had a lovely sunny day, all day.
All the other inmates started to disappear, one by one, all going to amuse themselves in their method of choice so what did that leave....ME- all on my lonesome. I quickly got the sewing machine out and pulled out the two baby quilts that I have to do. I was leaving this for the holidays but today the creativity planets aligned and I just went with it.
The result is the two tops are done. I prefer the pink one with embroidered blocks but I am pretty sure my friend will want the bright appliqued one so I can put the pink one away for a later use.
In the photos the pink appears to be more of a salmon colour but it is quite pink, pink.
I also finished a swap gift that needs to make its way over the ocean. Can't show those goodies till they get to their destination.
Big happy dance!

 We even managed to have a roast dinner with Mum and Dad popping over for tea as well.
A great day. Wish I could have one of these every week, or even once a month, now that isn't asking too much is it? I would be as happy as a bunny jumping rope!
Hope your weekend has been a good one too!


Mistea said...

Your quilts are gorgeous - Lucky you being left in peace to stitch the day away.

And Roast a perfect dinner for this winter holiday.

Enjoy your week.

Elyte said...

They are both cute, but oh I do like the little one with the embroideries - especially the little baby, baby with rabbit, little bird and shoes. So gentle. Glad you had a great day.

Serenata said...

Very pretty quilts! I'm sure your friend will love them. Gosh how to choose?

Eli said...

So lovely both, Marina!!! Me too I prefer the pink one with embroidery. Much more soft and delicate. The other is very vibrant and bright. I think two great creations. Glad you enjoyed your day. Hope you have a great week too. Hugs. Eli

Carrie P. said...

those are so cute.

Narelle said...

Gorgeous quilts and sounds like the perfect day.
Can we split the difference and have one once a fortnight?
4 days to go for me, how about you?

Simone de Klerk said...

Absolutely gorgeous quilts. The appliqué is so very cute and accurately done. Love it!!!

Kymberly said...

THese are absolutely darling! I especially like the peach one with the little embrodiered blocks. The receipents will be tickled with them.