Tuesday, 29 June 2010

tuesday treasures

Can you tell I have way too much time to play on the computer?
Clare at Clare's craftroom is having Tuesday Treasures on her blog. I decided to join in but have too many treasures to mention just one so it took some thought.....
Here is my old bottle collection we joke that this is my inheritance from my Dad.
He used to bring them home from wherever he was working and they turned up when they were digging to lay concrete. He must have thought I would like them so he would always make a fuss about giving me the new 'discovery'.
There is also a really cute cupey doll in Brass (I think) that may have been a mould that he brought home too. She is special too. My father and I had an unusual relationship, I am not as close to him as I am with my mum so I did treasure these dirty bottles that needed some work to clean. They were from him.
 When I got married I always said I wanted a cabinet to display these treasures and some years ago I finally got one. They went from twenty years in a box in the cupboard to pride of place. There are also some blue and white goodies that get to live with the bottles too.
Dad developed early dementia 10 years ago and now doesn't speak. He just seems to be happy laughing all the time so it appears he is content. He is still at home, looked after by mum. He loves to come here and get his cuppa and treat. He seems happy to see us as we are familiar but he hasn't spoken my name or my boys' for at least four years.
Dementia isn't as romantic as it is in the movies, there isn't any chance to say all the things you want to say. You just live to see that glint of recognition, for whatever reason and you hang on to that. It isn't good to dwell on it just accept things as they are and keep going. It is sad and cruel.
I love these bottles and wish he could tell me all over again the where and when that he found them and discuss the markings on them and so forth.
But it can't be everything is lost in the void.

 Sorry for such a serious post I don't usually like to be so serious It just ran away from me.....
Thanks Clare for the idea of the treasure posts....


on track to catch up (so far)...

The holidays have started off just as I would like them Staying up late crafting, sleeping in, keeping up with housework and have a yummy tea ready.
We also are enjoying a visitor during this week of the holidays-our neighbour's Labrador Stitch. She is just adorable. She doesn't get as much attention as my boys do so when she comes over she is in heaven. Company, walks, affection, people fussing over her....What more is there in life?
Coffee loves her but Monty ignores her and prefers she keep away from him but she thinks he is great and loves to go up to him and schmooze him.
Dogs are excellent communicators by body language and this is the closest I could get Monty to sit near Stitch. Obvious how he feels isn't it? He doesn't even want to look at her. If I don't acknowledge you, you don't exist. But she and Coffee enjoy each others company and were happy to snuggle up together. In fact it makes Coffee's day. Give me that puppy love!
I love the three colours together. Labs come in the three colours but curlies don't. I could have a set, better not let DH hear me thinking that aloud.....
I have been busy on my list as you can see, and I have two items crossed off and am ready to cross off another. They were things that only needed a little work so I am not as clever as I appear.
I will try to photograph the borders on my two finishes today to show. I have also decided to make another top to back the Life is Beautiful instead of just backing fabric. I have heaps of brown fabric left over so will use that to do a shoo fly block to make up the back. So no quilting for that quilt just yet. My Heart and Home quilt will be going to the quilters this week. We're moving baby!
Technically I am up to date with my Sweet Nostalgia blocks too as I have finished May's block and traced June's. I have till the 15th of July to be offically behind on June's block. -It's all about perspective.
Here is May's..
How does your garden grow?.

 I just love these two little boys in the garden. So cute.
I will work on finishing my baby throws.  I just need to decide whether to hand quilt or machine quilt. I know which will be quicker. It will depend on how my arm holds up.
Loving the holidays!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

lovely winters day.....

 If ever I needed some sunshine it is on the weekend when I need to get that ten ton of washing done!
Well mother nature delivered and considering it is winter we have had two days of lovely sunshine, it isn't hot by any means but it is lovely and bright compared to the gloomy wintry weather we have had during the week.
I took some lovely pics of the garden. The camelias are bursting open and the blood oranges are waiting to develop that lovely red blush.

  I love the contrast in colour between the oranges and the dark green leaves. The tree is only about five foot high and is so full of fruit.


 Not much crafting been happening this week but that is all about to change. Holidays here I come!!! I have lots of things to get done so my first step will be to make a list. I just love to be able to cross things of a list.
So here it is the holiday to do list:
  • finish the three  two baby throws
  • put border on Life is Beautiful quilt
  • decide and start on the backing of LIB quilt
  • put border on Heart and Home quilt
  • catch up on Sweet Nostalgia stitcheries (am up to June's now)
  • do some hexagon borders-have done two rows of cream borders and some new hexies
  • embroider monogram for christening gown
Well that should keep me out of mischief.
Hope your weekend has been a good one.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

lovely swap gift

This week was a lovely short week. Only one more to go till I have two weeks holidays.
Lorraine from the Balancing Kiwi and I were Christmas swap partners and we also did a little crocheted flower swap. Our next swap was to be pot holders. Lorraine is a little more organised than I am but I did get her potholder swap item made on Monday. Now to get to the post office, but it will be on it's way this week, come hell or high water!
Here is the lovely gift Lorraine sent me.....
It is gorgeous and Lorraine is another 'blue' girl like me so she chose the fabrics perfectly.
Now will I let anyone use it? I don't think so!
Not much craft to talk about since monday but I did download the new Sweet nostalgia block, I just have to get a wriggle on to finish last months.

Have a lovely weekend

Monday, 14 June 2010

monday, monday......

....so good to me, Monday morning, it was all I thought it would be....
I love that Mamas and the Papas song.
Queen's birthday holiday today. How come she gets a public holiday? I should've had one last week!
Today started off very lazily. The sun decided to shine so it was a mad dash to get all the washing out to dry before the weather decided to change. Lucky for me it didn't and we had a lovely sunny day, all day.
All the other inmates started to disappear, one by one, all going to amuse themselves in their method of choice so what did that leave....ME- all on my lonesome. I quickly got the sewing machine out and pulled out the two baby quilts that I have to do. I was leaving this for the holidays but today the creativity planets aligned and I just went with it.
The result is the two tops are done. I prefer the pink one with embroidered blocks but I am pretty sure my friend will want the bright appliqued one so I can put the pink one away for a later use.
In the photos the pink appears to be more of a salmon colour but it is quite pink, pink.
I also finished a swap gift that needs to make its way over the ocean. Can't show those goodies till they get to their destination.
Big happy dance!

 We even managed to have a roast dinner with Mum and Dad popping over for tea as well.
A great day. Wish I could have one of these every week, or even once a month, now that isn't asking too much is it? I would be as happy as a bunny jumping rope!
Hope your weekend has been a good one too!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

hexie update

Here is my hexie update. No new flowers at this stage, just making lots of cream hexies to border my flowers. I went with option 1.
cheers for now.

Friday, 11 June 2010

something to show and something to tell...

Yesterday I received a gorgeous package in the mail. A gift from  a friend in the Netherlands. Els and I were swap partners in one of Helen's  Stitcher's angel swaps and we have kept in contact since. Els sent me some beautiful fabric for my birthday. I already have them earmarked for a project.

I feel very lucky to have met so many lovely people through crafting. It is great to share interests and things that are happening in your life with other supportive people.
Today I will farewell a friend from the craft group I go to who lost her battle with cancer this week. She was a retired school principal who was an incredible woman.  It is hard to describe her but she was tough as old boots yet caring and a woman to be greatly respected and admired. I know I did. She  made the most beautiful quilts and cross stitch pictures. I feel thankful to have joined this group and to  have known this 'superwoman', a real role model. All the women in our group are just wonderful and to lose one is tragic.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

a small confession

Yes, I will confess it, yesterday was my birthday.
You know you are getting older when some of the people you work with are young enough to be your children and when you don't like seeing your age on the birthday cake! Hubby thought it looked nice. AAGGGHH! I know my age I don't need to see it in piped chocolate.
One of the girls at work made a gorgeous ginger fluff sponge for morning tea and mum brought me in some flowers at work. Hubby brought me my present on Saturday and of course gave it to me straight away, without wrapping it mind you. Two new pairs of jeans-ladies jeans. I can't remember the last time I bought a pair of ladies jeans. I live in jeans and I had some hand me downs  and I found men's jeans just suited my odd shape better anyhow, and they are always cheaper! But now I have two lovely pairs of stretch ladies jeans and they fit beautifully and are so comfortable to wear and to be honest a little more flattering. It is tough being a tomboy.
The boys put in together and bought me a special dvd set of John Denver in concert. I have only had time to watch one as the dvd player is misbehaving.
I just love his voice and live is even better. We saw him twice in concert when he came to Australia.
His music just moves me.
The big horsey quilt was delivered and considering the amount of time and effort I had put into it the response was a little underwhelming. Oh well learn a lesson for the next time......choose your target audience. It made me feel good when I was making it and that's what matters.
Have started stitching the May Sweet Nostalgia as the next one will be out in a week so and I hadn't started yet. Hexies will need to step aside for a little bit. I think I miss them already!
Have a lovely week!

Friday, 4 June 2010

winter is here

Winter officially started on the 1st of June. The weather has been quite cool but this week  funnily enough, now that we don't have a big outdoor party happening, it hasn't rained all week! Thanks for that weather guy.
The first camelia flower for winter has opened up this week. A beautiful double pink. The others won't be far behind I am sure.

The great hexagon flower frenzy has slowed as now I am busy making the contrasting hexagons to make the path around the flowers. I have 33 flowers in total. I want to go through my stash to find some other fabrics I can use to make some more, but I need to concentrate on stitching those cream ones.Still haven't committed to the lay out. I really like the second option as it is a little different but I do like the traditional border and I think this is probably the one I will go with for my first garden quilt.
I have been busy this week with 'commitment' crafting. I have gotten stuck into a  baby blanket for a girly at work who is expecting. I thought she was finishing in the next few weeks instead she has about another month and a half- so I needn't have panicked, but at least it will be done early.
Another project I have needed to do is finish off my god daughter's horsey quilt for her confirmation gift for this sunday. I rang the quilters on Monday as I had asked for it to be finished by the end of May. When I rang they hadn't done it yet. Panic stations!! They assured my it would be done by Wednesday. Sure enough I picked it up yesterday and what a great job they have done. I bought some lovely red/brown print for the binding and last night it was done. All ready for Sunday!
Here it is ready to go

Another weekend rolls around. Happy crafting.