Sunday, 16 May 2010

some comfort food......

My mother in law used to make a magnificent bread pudding called Pudina, a traditional maltese sweet. One of my sisters in law  makes it as well as her mother and years ago she came over to make it with me and so that I could record the recipe that they had always just made from memory.
Feeling a bit nostalgic Friday night I resolved that I would make it and it turned out perfectly. It doesn't look like much but It has the most amazing texture. Mother in law would have been proud. One glitch...hubby and I and no 1 son are the only ones that like to eat it in our household, and like I need to be sitting around eating Pudina all day. So... Share the love! I took a large piece to our next door neighbour where it was greatly appreciated. I have earmarked some for work tomorrow and took a lovely slab to craft group to share with the girls yesterday. It was well received everywhere and it gave me warm feelings of my mother in law who like most european mammas, valued the making and sharing of food with friends and family.

The craftiness that has been going on has mainly involved the boys story blocks. I already had these just ready to applique. I had cut the pieces and ironed them on a little while ago.
These are the blocks I have done this week.....
I added the little bird on the tree , I think he looks so cute.

This morning I went to check some blogs and realised that Dorothy had posted the new Sweet Nostalgia block for May. It has the most adorable little boys gardening. One is sitting on a fence and straight away it reminded me of Tom Sawyer. He has a mop of orange hair and freckles. Cute as!
So am off now to trace the pattern ready to start stitching.

Maybe a cup of tea and a slice of pudina too?
Hope your weekend has been a pleasant one.


Mistea said...

Your Boys Story blocks look amazing - I think I like the Robot best - maybe a bit of a theme this week.

Enjoy your Pudina - sounds delicious.

Elyte said...

Sewing and eating pudina - sounds perfect!.
Enjoy your day.

Narelle said...

Cuppa, cake and sewing ... what more could we ask for? :-)
Your boy story blocks are looking great.