Monday, 24 May 2010

A is for Addiction

I have always admired hexagon flowers and the fact that they are hand stitched. I imagined them beyond the reach of my abilities. One day I would try them but I don't know when. Well.... all these gardens of flowers in blogland encouraged me to take the plunge and I wish I had tried them earlier. I am loving them!!
I think I do love them more than yo yos - hush my mouth.
I have been madly stitching on the weekend to make some of these flowers and there is a special tin delegated to storing my hexagon bits and pieces. Now I haven't gone completely hexagon mad as to  think I will ever make a queen size quilt with them, but it will be a respectable sized throw that I will treasure.
In my tin are heaps of hexagons sorted in groups waiting to be stitched, In for a penny, in for a pound, I say. I hope I haven't gone overboard!
So thankyou to those flower making bloggers for unknowingly encouraging me to try something new and beautiful.
Here is the start of my own flower garden....

Have a great week.
Looks like we are in for a wet week in Melbourne this week, what great weather for an outdoor 18th birthday party. Well you can't book the weather, not in Melbourne anyway.



Serenata said...

They look great Marina...I must add that to my 'to try' list ;-)

I'm hoping to get on with your pot holder this week!

The Patch Craft said...

Wow you have been very busy. Love your flowers, your garden is growing.

Mistea said...

Very sweet flowers you are growing.
I am enjoying watching everybody else do these - I don't think I have gained any enthusiasm to go to the Old Peoples and collect the project I started forever ago!!

Narelle said...

What kind of fertilizer do you use? Your garden is blooming ahead!
Great weather for more flowers ... hope you get a break in the rain just as the right time.