Sunday, 30 May 2010

goodbye weekend

The weekend is over, and what a week it was.
The birthday of the century went really well. Plenty of good food and good company. I think No 2 son had a ball as each time I saw him he was busy socialising and laughing. We worked hard since Thursday to get everything ready and once the marquee arrived we knew we were in business. At the end of the night I was aching all over and have had a super slack day recovering today.
These are the lovely flowers that no 2 son presented to me at the party as a thankyou, with some help from my friend next door. She is so thoughtful and asked him if he wanted her to get me some flowers. He asked if his older brother had done it at his 18th, so as he had he thought he better do the same. Poor hubby missed out on the official thanks. He wouldn't have wanted flowers anyway!

I did get some time today while watching the video I recorded of Eurovision to  prepare some hexagons as now I need to start planning how to put my flowers together. Good old google helped me find some great pics of grandmothers garden quilts to check out and help me decide how to put mine together.
I did find a great website that you can actually design a sheet of graph paper in the shapes you require. I made up a sheet of hexagons as my plastic template is getting a little inaccurate with wear.
Now it is back to the square box to watch the finals of Eurovision!
cheers for now


Elyte said...

So glad to hear everything went well and your son was appreciative of your (combined) efforts. These hexagons are so popular, every corner I turn and there they are. Might have to start my own!

Serenata said...

Glad the weekend went so well and that you all had a lovely time. I've had quite a good weekend, some sewing, some time with the animals and also in the garden. Just waiting for the roast dinner to cook now ;-)