Friday, 16 April 2010


Here are the pics of the smocked doll gowns that were rescued from mum's cleanout. They are just lovely and need only a little bit of finishing.....buttons and hems mainly.

I have changed some commenting settings on my blog due to an unpleasant anonymous comment left on an older post. I wish I had been able to reply but was unable to so I have changed some things so that anonymous bloggers cannot comment. I hope no one has trouble commenting, if you do please email me to let me know.
Not much happening on the craft front at this moment. I resolved to finish quilting my pin wheel throw which I started off hand quilting in a stipple pattern. Well I have learned my lesson. I had only an area about 20 inches square left to do and finish it I did. But I have such a sore arm even a week later. Talk about repetitive strain! So  I am taking it a little easy to recover, though I do want to do the binding this weekend. Will see how I go.
Take care and have a great weekend.


Mistea said...

How cute are those little gowns? I love the colours in the smocking so very pretty.
Hope your arm is feeling better soon and you get to finish yor quilt - Always such a good feeling when something is finished.
Enjoy your weekend.

Elyte said...

The smocking is exquisite - glad you were able to save them. Give your arm some rest so you can continue all your lovely stitching. Work is getting busier for me and interfering with my sewing. Tonight I will settle myself on the couch to watch the footy. Take care.

Serenata said...

Thosse gowns are so sweet. You don't see much smocking nowadays.

Take care with your arm - don't overdo it!

Sorry to hear you've had a nasty comment. :-(