Friday, 23 April 2010

quilt one stitcheries

This week I have been slowly making a start on the stitcheries for quilt one. My arm is still not quite 100% and if I stitch too long it is a little tender. Lucky the stitcheries are only small. I started using Madeira cotton for the stitching and regret my choice a little. I used to use it when I smocked for a lady and she used to prefer Madeira but I find it frays and doesn't fill out as well as the dmc. I will have to find an equivalent colour or just stick it out.

I also traced off the new Sweet Nostlagia block. It has a very cute easter theme. It is all ready to go!I am afraid my boy is a little too smiley lol. Perhaps I can fix that in the stitching.

Kymberly at The Cotton patch has taken the plunge and is learning to smock. With two gorgeous girls to smock for I know she will have an outlet for her new craft.
During the Christmas holidays I wanted to clear out some smocking ufo's. I love the smocking part just not too good with the sewing part. I pulled out one and managed to get it to the point of having to do the hand sewing. But I can show it off anyway- it's to encourage Kymberly. Next holidays I will pull it out again and perhaps finish off the hand sewing............ It's not like I have a newborn to finish it for. It will go into storage for when I have grandchildren who may wear it. (I hope that is a long way off!!)

cheers for now


Kymberly said...

Simply gorgeous I said in my e-mail, I have wanted to learn for years and am so excited to finally be learning. I only hope my work will one day look as good, at the moment it is no where near...practice, practice, practice

Mistea said...

Those little stitcheries are so cute - that will be a very pretty quilt.

Enjoy the long weekend.

Narelle said...

Oh so sweet stitcheries.
Your smocking is lovely ... my mother-in-law did smocking.

Eli said...

Hi Marina,
The little stitcheries are so cute! I'm sure the quilt will be beautiful.
I am creating stitchery patterns for the autumn / winter, and new buttons to match. I enjoy a lot this new work. I wish we were closer so you might help me with fabrics and quilting work!
Hope you have a great week end.

Elyte said...

I can see that the inspiration has arrived. You do such beautiful work it is lovely to look at. Take care of that arm.

Micki said...

Simply gorgeous work! I really enjoyed seeing it all!