Saturday, 17 April 2010

Quilt one and quilt two...

One of the girls I work with has asked me to make a quilt for her yet to be born granddaughter. I am more than happy to oblige but she told me "I will leave it all up to you, you do a good job and I just wouldn't know what to pick in colours and stuff"
Well, I have been stressing about colours and designs ever since. There is also one of the girls at work who is expecting a girl also, as it happens, and I also want to make her a quilt for her baby.
The solution- make two and ask 'grandma' to pick first. Make them different so that they are easy to tell apart and also may appeal to different tastes.
Here are the fabrics....


for these fabrics I will use a stitchery pattern by Ella and Skysie with baby stitcheries. Not sure
how to work the blocks..... Needs some thought!
We will call it quilt one.

This will be an appliqued center panel from a Bronwyn Hayes pattern with the charm squares around it. We will call it quilt two.

Trying to follow the KISS principle - keep it simple stupid!

Of course I had to start it off last night and I managed to fuse the pieces ready for the applique and I placed around the charm squares to get a feel for it.
What do you think?

Bright and cheery isn't it?
Big curly fun day again tomorrow so not much crafting going to be happening.
I took my Horsey quilt to be machine quilted at Jemimas. As I am still having some issues with my arm I couldn't even contemplate hand quilting it especially with a May deadline.
It should look great.
I also need to put the binding on my pin wheel quilt - the cause of my arm pain! I picked up some fabric for that when I bought all these other goodies for the baby quilts.
Have a lovely Sunday!


Serenata said...

Very bright a cheery! Knowing your lovely work, she will have a hard time choosing!

Micki said...

I adore the pink fabrics, as my favorite colour is pink!

Mistea said...

I see two lovely quilts in the making there. Love the little rabbit - but then it is from Bronwyn Hayes - just can't go wrong with her designs.
Enjoy playing with these colours.

Elyte said...

Those baby quilts look like fun, having those lovely colours to play with and experimenting with design and creativity. From what I have seen you have a good eye, so trust your judgement. Saw your comment on Hugs and Kisses for the new Pieces of the Past project. Now I find that tempting.

Eli said...

Hi Marina,
hope that your arm is better now.
I love both fabric groups, but most the first one, with different shades and patterns of pink.
I'm looking forward to seeing both ended. Lucky baby girls!
Buona settimana.