Sunday, 25 April 2010

A day to myself and my dolls.....

Today I have been left to my own devices. Hubby and two of the boys have gone out for the day to their special Anzac Day shoot and not 1 son has gone to the Anzac day football match.
How ever will I cope being left on my own..........
After a quick clean up it was out with the sewing machine to finish off the pinwheel quilt!
And Ta Da here it is in its new place on the couch.

Not sure if you can see the quilting clearly but this is why my arm has been so sore!
Never again..
While doing that little bit of tidying I noticed my poor porcelain dolls were looking a little in need of a freshen up. They seem to attract dust, poor things. Their clothes are in the wash and they soon will be looking spiffy again. And if they were getting an airing the other dolls in the cupboard needed to see some light as well.
The porcelain dolls are all ones made by my mum.
this one is a googly, one of my favourite types of porcelains dolls.

The long haired doll reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, she has a lovely little dress with a broderie apron. The baby doll on the right is the first one mum made me. She has a 'mama' sound when you tip her over. My old cat used to come running meowing everytime she heard it, it was the funniest thing.
This little cupie is another favourite. She is a little brooch and you can see how small she is in my hands. She was brought from a doll show. So sweet!

Having boys my childhood dolls have been relegated to the cupboard. Stored safely till they are wanted again. Every now and again I pull them out to look at them. The baby doll in blue I have had since I was around 2 or 3. I used to have another doll that I would carry everywhere but that was in a horrid state so my mum brought me this one so that they could try to dispose of the old ratty one. Needless to say she didn't disappear for quite a few years and this one stayed to the side. She is probably in need of being disposed of too but I don't have the heart. She has lasted this long it seems fitting that she should last a lot more. I put some of the boys old baby clothes on her so that she looks decent. She still feels lovely to hold. I used to think she was just like a real baby.

The others are special too, each one has something that makes them special.
For now it is back to the cupboard for them till next time.
In the meantime the porcelain dolls will have to wait for their clothes to dry and for me I will put the kettle on and make a start on the border for my Heart and Home quilt while the afternoon is young.
Have a lovely weekend.


Elyte said...

The quilting looks very good, pity it takes so much out of you. Looks like you enjoyed a quiet and contemplative day.

Mistea said...

Your quilt is beautiful. No wonder your arm was sore that is a lot of quilting!

I love your doll collection and how each of them is special.

Glad you found some way to fill in the spare hours while the family left you in peace.

Serenata said...

I have a doll like the one second from the right - is she a Tressy or Crissy? Certainly looks like it.

How lovely it is to have a day by yourself. The quilt looks gorgeous!