Monday, 8 March 2010

Loving the stormy weather!

In Melbourne we have a long weekend this weekend and today is the Labour Day holiday. A perfect opportunity to get some therapeutic crafting done. We have had incredible storms hit Melbourne but luckily we didn't cop the worst of it. Just a lot of rain and thunder and lightning. It was beautiful. The dogs were having a ball running around in the rain trying to chase the thunder! What twits. I am grateful they aren't scared, they don't mind fire works either. Needless to say we didn't see miss Maisie all day!

Friday kicked off a crafty weekend for me. I wanted to catch up on my Heart and Home blocks that I was behind on. The final pattern arrives this week and it will take a while so I didn't want the other blocks unfinished. I am quite proud of myself with these blocks as the seams matched up so well. I just love them. I don't know if I could manage a whole quilt of them but I do love them and I didn't think I could do them so well. Bonus. I just need to do the applique on the flower.

Saturday I had the day to myself hubby and no 2 son were away for the day, Woohoo! The other boys amused themselves quite well with work and bike riding. My job for the day was to make the four patch blocks for the Life is Beautiful quilt. I laid them all out on a sheet first to make sure they would look good and after the first two rows I decided I need a few more fabrics of dark and the light. There just wasn't enough variety. I quickly dashed out and bought six more fabrics and I don't regret it at all (as if I would). There was that attention deficit aspect again of making repetitive blocks but I managed to get them all done. They looked great. When I put the medallions on them to have a look I was just so happy that the colours in the stitcheries complemented the fabrics so well.
So that job is done! Next will be the hard job of sewing the medallions and cutting out the circle at the back. I have almost finished my latest batch of stitcheries and then there is only one more batch to go. I can't wait.
Last on my wish list to get done were these........

When I received the Paris cats fabric in my goodies from Mistea I knew they would go perfectly with these tea towels I had bought. The colours matched just right! Now I have two new snazzy tea towels. Boy that sounds sad only crafty people will understand, I hope my eldest son doesn't read this I can hear him mocking me now doing a hilarious voice impression 'Oh don't use my special tea towels, you lot don't appreciate crafty things, they're just for me to use!'(and he would be right, sadly)
This is as far as I have gotten on my Sweet Nostalgia block. I am sure it will be done by the 15th in time for the new block. I am really enjoying this block, but Life is Beautiful has kept me busy this week. I am on the last stitchery in this batch. I have been doing them in batches of 5 or so to break them up like a block of the month so I always have something to work on.
well this has been a long post....
Hope you have had a great weekend too!


Mistea said...

Lots of creative activity in your sewing room. Love all those red houses. Your Life is Beautiful is coming together nicely, I really like the colours you have chosen to do that one. Your teatowels are so pretty, glad the cats have a place in your home.


Love all your projects--you just seem to "fly" from one to the other!!! Thanks for reminding about the Sweet blocks--forgot to copy off Feb. and No I am not doing them as yet--but will one of these days!!!!
Hugs, Di

Narelle said...

You're really on a roll ... loving it all.

corry said...

So, are you a busy lady! I love your heart and home blocks and the life is beautiful stitcheries. And that sweet nostalgia stitchery is absolutely you ever sleep??