Friday, 26 March 2010

LIfe is beautiful......

Well the title is true on quite a few levels. All is good in my universe, I have two weeks holidays, I am healthy, happy most of the time, have a wonderful family that I love, good loyal friends and did I mention I have two weeks holidays! Oh sorry about that, I did didn't I?
I have managed to finish my stitcheries for the Life is beautiful quilt and so these holidays I can start to attempt to sew them together. Now comes the hard part! I am looking forward to that.
I am only going to make it 7 X 7 rows as I would like it square so have not stitched all the designs.
If you check out the life is beautiful blog and go to 'show and tell' you can see some other colour combinations being used for this quilt. They are just wonderful. If you take a look at Ingrids blog she has made the most incredible quilts. She has a translator button which helps as her blog is in Dutch. It takes a bit to work it out as I think it translates literally so it can take a bit to decipher but it is well worth the visit.
I must admit it was the colours used by Helen that drew me to want to do this project but the other fabrics used are just so inspirational, I wish I had that talent to convert colours used like these other crafty ladies have done. I am not always very adventurous in my colour selections.
Here are some pics of the latest finished stitcheries....

(not sure if you can see the fabric clearly for the pineapples.... it is a fabric I chose for the background squares but it has a design just like the pattern of the outside of a pineapple. Just meant to be.....)
Well it is time to get off the computer and start some housework (shudder) and put out a tonne of washing, then off to shop for groceries, try to fit in a walk for the dogs, yada, yada, yada...... I don't know who calls this a day off? I think it is called a woman's day off-I wish I had a man's day off!
Have a good one!



I agree--I could never understand why a women had to work soo hard on her day off--when a man just sits in front of the TV!!!
Hope you got all your stuff done so now you can sew--love all those embroideries--great job!!
Hugs, DI

Mistea said...

That is going to be one gorgeous quilt. I guess if you have your 'woman's day off' today then you will be free to stitch for two weeks??
Enjoy stitching and your break.

Elyte said...

The more I see this quilt the more I like it. The stitcheries are gorgeous. You are doing a great job.

Narelle said...

Mmmmm ... did you really think you have two weeks holidays? I thought it was more like 'changing jobs' :o))

Happy holidays and enjoy!

patchworkwilma said...

Hello Marina,

Thank you for visit my blog, your welkcome.
What a beautiful blocks of the "life is Beautiful", I love your fabrics of the applique, they are perfect.
And your house quilt is a beauty too.

I come back to see your blog again.
Sorry for my bad English, I hope you can understand my writing??? ;o)

greeting from Wilma (the Netherlands)

Micki said...

Your stitcheries are just wonderful!

Eli said...

Hello Marina, I'm happy to meet you. Your blog is amazing. I've already added you to my blogs list so I can continue to follow you easily. Congratulations again for your works and for your adorable furry tails friends. Have a good week.
See you soon. Eli

Annelies vdB said...

L love your beautiful stitcheries Marina. Aren't they fun to work on ?

Khris said...

I really love these blocks Marina...I have this pattern and just haven't had a chance to start them...I look forward to seeing yours put together..hugs Khris