Friday, 5 March 2010


these are the lovely goodies I received yesterday. I already have a project for the lovely 'cafe cats' fabric and all the lovely embellishments. How did you know I would love these colours?
Tomorrow I will have a fantastic day to myself and I am already making plans for my craft fest!
My lovely Annie angel has a lovely place on my craft shelf that no 3 son made for me in woodwork class. You can see why she was welcome yesterday.
After yesterday's tragic news I just can't stop thinking about how 'temporary' our stay in this world is. How we can be lost to our loved ones in the blink of an eyelid.
Sorry for being so morbid will try to cheer up by next post....



I do know where you are coming from--for some reason this year I have the same "questions" I guess--we started out the year on New year's Day learning of a younger residents death --also by car accident the evening before--it does shake one up!!! so know that my thoughts are with you now---and how great it is that you got a neat gifts in the mail today--enjoy!! Hugs Di

Narelle said...

So sorry to hear your sad news yesterday. Your Annie Angel knew where she needed to be.
Too often we are left asking 'Why?'.
Cherish every moment.

clare's craftroom said...

Marina , I'm so sorry to hear your terrible news . All the best thoughts to you all .