Sunday, 24 January 2010

lovely long weekend

Yesterday afternoon I just needed some me time for a little while so I decided to go to GJ's fabrics to try to buy fabric to start my stash for my Boy's story quilt. On a previous visit they had some gorgeous fabric with robots on it, but on this visit I couldn't find it and most of the prints were just too bright and I want a more subdued colour range for my quilt. I spent a blissful hour wandering round and round and found some fabrics that just seemed perfect so they will be my base colours to work around. (The blue and yellow polka dots are from my stash). As always once I was driving home I wished I had bought more fabrics, but it was only meant to be a start to the stash so there will be more happy hunting to come!

I have not been doing much on the crafting front but I have managed to slowly start my Sweet Nostalgia block for this month.
I so love the little dog that has appeared in most of the blocks as she reminds me of the fox terrier I had. I don't know how many more blocks the little dog will appear in but I may have to call it 'Peggy's sweet nostalgic adventures' lol.

I am quite enjoying the snowman too. He has such a lovley face. The kidlets will have to wait to be embroidered as I think I need some new colours to stitch them. I am using Dorothy's colours as a guide and used as close a colour as I could that I already had in my collection. I just need some different shades to the ones I have used in the previous blocks. Oh no more shopping, how will I cope?
This afternoon I have a commission. My great nieces were over on friday and they were playing with my potholders that I made from leftover 1"strips. One was particularly taken with it and if it had not been so well used I would have let her have it, so the next best thing is to make her a new one but bigger so she can use it for her dolls. Her sister will need one too! So that is my project for today-as I will see them on Tuesday. Now to the scrap box to see what I can fish out.
A few years ago the younger of the girls was diagnosed with cancer, she was only two, and poor little angel went through such a traumatic 18 months with chemo and operations. You wouldn't know it now as she has recovered and seems to be clear. While she was in hospital I made her a little quilt and backed it with polar fleece but still added the wadding so it was especially snuggly. She loved it and it kept her busy looking at the bugs in the fabric patterns. She still sleeps with it all the time. It gives you a lot of satisfaction to make something that is appreciated.
This is the quilt but the colours are much brighter than they are in real life but it is still quite a bright quilt.

here is a close up of the blocks so you can see all the patterns. I love these fabrics and made quite a few quilts from the original stash. You might say I 'overstashed'.
Well to the sewing machine!
Cheers for now


Bev said...

You can never be "overstashed", Marina, lol. I like the "alien" fabric. Do you have a pattern in mind for this quilt? Your nieces are lucky little girls. The hearts are so cheerful...a cute, "happy" quilt.

Serenata said...

What a lovely bright and colourful quilt and a very special gift.

The dog is really sweet and I remember him in some other stitching you have shown.