Tuesday, 24 November 2009

some craft catch up...

Here is one of the first raspberries on No 1 sons raspberry bush. He has discovered a green thumb. Last season he didn't get one fruit but this time around it has heaps. Well done.

Last night I finally started block three of Dorothy's summer nostalgia designs. I was so looking forward to starting. I took a little artistic license by adding a nest for the bird and changing him a little to resemble a cardinal bird. They look so elegant. I hope you don't mind Dorothy?

Here is my November basket block. I think this block is so cute I couldn't wait to do it. I have appliqued but am having issues with the handle. I had stitched it but it puckered too much so I had to undo it all. I was quite annoyed. I will need to redo it.

Here is last months block with the applique completed.

Have completed my Handmade Christmas swap too! I was feeling a little stressed about that I can tell you. Deadlines! Will send it off this week to Lorraine in the UK, so keep a look out for that postie Lorraine.
I will post a pic once it has reached its destination.
Have a lovely week.
Only four weeks to go till Christmas holidays!! Woo hoo.

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Dorothy said...

The cardinal looks good, Marina. I've put the cardinal in the December block and the nest in the March block with the Robin. I forget that our seasons are reversed!