Saturday, 31 October 2009

We're having a heat wave.... A tropical heat wave...

Well the hot weather has arrived and we are so soft we are cooking. The temps have reached thirty two today. I want my winter back! It has hit Maisie hard she has just been flaked out all day (though I don't know if that is different to any other day..) She hasn't moved from our bed and my Girl's day out quilt. come to think of it, it is the same as every other day!
God help us once the real heat arrives in February!
Last night no 1 son came home from a dinner out with friends and they were sitting around listening to my and DH vinyl records. I thought most youngies didn't even know what records were! Poor no 1 son has been tortured by our music records and is aware. But they were all loving listening to our records. I thought the player was broken so I was rapt to find out it wasn't so today we have the air conditioner on and the record player going. I have tried to replace most of my favourites with cds so that I can still listen to them easily.
Not much crafting happening- I have been lost in books. I read Jane Eyre and now have borrowed Villette by Charlotte Bronte also, and the second book in 'the last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant' by Stephen Donaldson. I read the first, second and third chronicles of TC about 20 years ago and really loved them so am enjoying revisiting 'The Land' in this book.
The first book of the last chronicles came out a few years ago and I didn't bother to look out for the next one.

Here is something I am making.....while I wait for my next bom patterns to come out.
I love milk jug doilies. I usually keep one of each pattern that I make so that if I lose the paper pattern I can copy the actually doily. I also like to drape them around the kitchen and dresser.
Have a lovley weekend.
Tuesday is Melbourne cup day so it will be a lovely short week. Got to love Public holidays!


Joy said...

Oooooh I just love your beaded jug doilies, they are so pretty.
Maisie is absolutely adorable, what a gorgeous kitty. My Sophie (feline) loves nothing more than lazing about on my quilt too ;o).
Thanks for visiting my blog too :o)!!
Joy :o)

Mistea said...

What a gorgeous kitty is that Maisie and quite at home I see! Your crochet jug covers are beautiful, I like the way you have them out to see. Enjoy