Saturday, 10 October 2009

Saturday crafting....

Here is block ten of the Tisket Tasket block of the month all ready to applique. The original block had a halloween theme but as we don't celebrate Halloween in Australia I thought I would alter it a little to include a ginger cat. If they had tortoiseshell fabric it would have been so, but Maisie will have to be happy with this! she was quite put out after the last block had a dog on it so only fair one should have a cat.
While at tennis this morning I managed to make a good start on my stitching of the Dorothy Baker bom called Summer Nostalgia. I just can't wait to stitch the little dog but I want to leave him till last. I am toying whether to fill in the leaves or not. I did one and am not convinced as yet -will sit on it and see what happens (not literally lol).

I also got this in the mail yesterday- Block one of my heart and home bom. Aren't these fabrics just gorgeous. I just love them.
I read the pattern and am hoping I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. This pattern will have to have all my concentration so that I don't muck it up. I will leave it till I have a whole day to potter. There should be one of them before next months block comes, shouldn't there.
Off to a trivia night tonight with my good friend and her hubbie and kids. We love a challenge, shame there is no buzzer! only joking..
Happy weekend
ps parcel no 2 has arrived in the US, only one more to go! Apparently Kymberly hasn't received swap packages for the last two swaps she entered so she is very happy to have received my goodies.


Narelle said...

Show those dogs who's boss, Maisie! - from Jayne and Fleur.
Pretty blue background! :-)

AlessandraLace said...

wonderful project and wonderful embroidery.thank you for your comment in my blog for my pillow and my little bobbin lace work.hugs

corry said...

Lots of great things happening in your sewing room Marina! Love all your works in progress.

Mistea said...

Lots of goodness there. Love the colours on your Sweet Nostalgia stitching. Maisie looks cute that colour. Your Heart and Home block looks interesting - sure you'll have a day to play sometime? Thanks for visiting me and leaving nice comments.