Thursday, 8 October 2009

back to the grind

Well the first week back at work is nearly over. Boy could I do with a nanna nap.
Here are the pics of my Dutch table toppers. The red is quilted and ready to bind and the blue one needs to be quilted and bound. It may have to wait till next holidays. The smaller ones I made are both bound just some stitching by hand to do.
I am quite happy with them as they are lovely and bright. The dark and light reds and the dark blues are from a range of fabrics called Redwork Bluework revival. I really love the fabrics and if I wasn't 'blued' and 'reded' out I would love to make another quilt in this range but for now the leftovers can go away and wait for their second chance at inspiring.
Maybe with some stitchery........

I have started my Summer nostalgia block and need to get started on my block ten of the Tisket tasket bom. Hopefully this weekend....
We have a trivia night on Saturday. The boys are going to come with us - they help make us a good team and we have fun together.
The library books have been read and returned and I enjoyed it a lot but the back to work routine has edged out that luxury for now.......
I am thinking of reading Jane Eyre......I always seem to get caught up in a genre.
I have been blog surfing and found a lovely Christmas swap. And seeing as My stitcher's angel swap is complete, why not. Parcel no 2 has been received and no 3 should be in the post tomorrow. It was well received, thankfully.
cheers for now
Hopefully that will be all the red and blue for a while!

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Micki said...

They are just lovely! You have done a spectacular job!