Sunday, 20 September 2009

quiltaid quilt

My mum and I share many craft interests. She is a very talented lady who excels at anything she attempts. She is also one who never does anything by halves. We love to look through the new patchwork mags and discuss them together. Mum got inspired to do the Quiltaid bom and she has finished it this week. It was her first attempt at needleturn applique. I would have just piked and done blanket stitch but she is a perfectionist and has done a fantastic job. I have pictured some of my individual favourites. As she doesn't have a blog I will brag on her behalf. Her next venture is the Breast of Friends bom that she has been accumulating the magazines for. I started this one then stopped, then started again with mum's encouragement and stuck with it and we are waiting for the final edition that explains the 'put together'. I have seen one completed on a blog and it looks good.
Then that will be another finished bom.
Happy sunday
We are off this afternoon to visit another new baby addition to the family.
Another baby girl- Mia

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Micki said...

What a gorgeous are both very talented!