Wednesday, 23 September 2009

no rushing or stressing

Day 3 of the holidays and I can't adjust to the slow pace. The last few weeks of work I seemed to be so rushed that it seems quite boring being at home doing what ever I please. I must be ill to be thinking like this!
No 3 son is booked into tennis clinic for three days so I have had the days to myself.
Monday saw the latest Stitcher's angel project and it is absolutely gorgeous. I decided that I would use the embroidery pattern for the front pocket on the sewing mat I am making. I am not going to applique-it was just too difficult for me so I will embroider the whole lot and it should look ok.
Here is what I have done so far. I am loving the fishbone stitch for the leaves though I feel a bit dyslexic as I have to do mine upside down to how the Embroidery stitches book has it shown in their instructions. Whatever works I suppose.

My first parcel is on its way to America to my angel swap partner. Can't wait till it gets there. I only sent two items. The weight of the journal pushed up the postage a bit so I will send in smaller lots.
Well off to stitch a bit more.... or do housework- now there is a dilemma which do I choose.

cheers for now

Have signed up for the heart and home bom. First one will be out the start of October. Can't wait.


The Patch Craft said...

I Love your project for your angel wish it was me

Micki said...

Your angel is going to love it!
Lucky girl!