Friday, 18 September 2009

Hooray it's holi-holi-days!!

Here are my first lot of completed Stitchers angel swap goodies ready to be bundled up and sent across the sea. I had wanted to put the yo yo's in a garland on the pincushion but they didn't look very good so I made a small spray instead. I may send the goodies in a few different parcels so that Kymberly will have a few packages to look forward to . There are still a few more projects to go too. I am going to make a sewing machine mat with the charm pack I bought last week. It is cut out ready to go. I am going to use Narelle's one that she made for me as a guide-with her permission of course.

I have been looking for a new bom project since finishing my girls day out bom and came upon this pattern on Diane's country rose website. I have seen it advertised in a few of the quilting magazines too and it looks just gorgeous. I am going to give them a call tomorrow to find out some more. How cute is it... . I am hoping that I will be able to make it in the same colour combo.

Craft group again tomorrow-that just seems to have come around so quickly.
Then we roll into two weeks of holidays! Woo hoo!
The year just seems to be flying.
Have a great weekend.

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Narelle said...

And that's a woo hoo from me too!
Your stitchers angel should be very happy ... the gifts are gorgeous.
Look forward to seeing your sewing mat, I'm trying to get a cover made for my machine next.