Sunday, 27 September 2009

a finish for today...

The weather is just miserable here and dh and I have the cold miseries so I decided to try to finish the sewing mat for my swap and Ta da! It is done. Thanks Narelle for the one you made me which I used as a guide and to Jenny of Elefantz for a quick tutorial on how to put a sewing mat together. Jenny also has a September challenge to finish a sewing mat by the end of the month.
I just love the little hummingbird and loved stitching them.
Tomorrow the last stitchers angel project will be posted- cant wait.

Friday, 25 September 2009

happiness is

The wet weather seems to be settling in around here and it is most welcome and needed.
Besides crafting what else can you do in this weather.......Uummm Meet up with a friend for lunch and visit some patchwork shops. Yes I think that will hit the spot.
Drove to Gisborne to have lunch and visit the Quilters Bazaar and The Drapers of Mt Macedon patchwork shops. They were just gorgeous. I found some binding fabric for my pin wheel throw as I am going great guns with the hand quilting and I hope to finish it by the end of the holidays.
I also picked up a gorgeous pattern for a baby quilt. It has cute stitcheries and the Drapers of Mt Macedon store had it made up in navy blue and white-how could I not notice it.
These lovely 1930's fabrics will be used for a Kris Kringle present for someone in my craft group. They just jumped out at me and they were a bargain. They were from the Quilters bazaar.
All in all a good day!
Hope you have had a good one too.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

no rushing or stressing

Day 3 of the holidays and I can't adjust to the slow pace. The last few weeks of work I seemed to be so rushed that it seems quite boring being at home doing what ever I please. I must be ill to be thinking like this!
No 3 son is booked into tennis clinic for three days so I have had the days to myself.
Monday saw the latest Stitcher's angel project and it is absolutely gorgeous. I decided that I would use the embroidery pattern for the front pocket on the sewing mat I am making. I am not going to applique-it was just too difficult for me so I will embroider the whole lot and it should look ok.
Here is what I have done so far. I am loving the fishbone stitch for the leaves though I feel a bit dyslexic as I have to do mine upside down to how the Embroidery stitches book has it shown in their instructions. Whatever works I suppose.

My first parcel is on its way to America to my angel swap partner. Can't wait till it gets there. I only sent two items. The weight of the journal pushed up the postage a bit so I will send in smaller lots.
Well off to stitch a bit more.... or do housework- now there is a dilemma which do I choose.

cheers for now

Have signed up for the heart and home bom. First one will be out the start of October. Can't wait.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

quiltaid quilt

My mum and I share many craft interests. She is a very talented lady who excels at anything she attempts. She is also one who never does anything by halves. We love to look through the new patchwork mags and discuss them together. Mum got inspired to do the Quiltaid bom and she has finished it this week. It was her first attempt at needleturn applique. I would have just piked and done blanket stitch but she is a perfectionist and has done a fantastic job. I have pictured some of my individual favourites. As she doesn't have a blog I will brag on her behalf. Her next venture is the Breast of Friends bom that she has been accumulating the magazines for. I started this one then stopped, then started again with mum's encouragement and stuck with it and we are waiting for the final edition that explains the 'put together'. I have seen one completed on a blog and it looks good.
Then that will be another finished bom.
Happy sunday
We are off this afternoon to visit another new baby addition to the family.
Another baby girl- Mia

Friday, 18 September 2009

Hooray it's holi-holi-days!!

Here are my first lot of completed Stitchers angel swap goodies ready to be bundled up and sent across the sea. I had wanted to put the yo yo's in a garland on the pincushion but they didn't look very good so I made a small spray instead. I may send the goodies in a few different parcels so that Kymberly will have a few packages to look forward to . There are still a few more projects to go too. I am going to make a sewing machine mat with the charm pack I bought last week. It is cut out ready to go. I am going to use Narelle's one that she made for me as a guide-with her permission of course.

I have been looking for a new bom project since finishing my girls day out bom and came upon this pattern on Diane's country rose website. I have seen it advertised in a few of the quilting magazines too and it looks just gorgeous. I am going to give them a call tomorrow to find out some more. How cute is it... . I am hoping that I will be able to make it in the same colour combo.

Craft group again tomorrow-that just seems to have come around so quickly.
Then we roll into two weeks of holidays! Woo hoo!
The year just seems to be flying.
Have a great weekend.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

lazy saturday...

Saturday saw these two lovelies come home with me from Jemima's. I wanted some more Figtree quilts fabric to make angel swap goodies so thought a charm pack would get me a lot of variety. I have made the first four things in the same fabric and still have some left but wanted a little change. I also bought my self a Portobello Market (3 sisters) charm pack to inspire some smaller Christmas projects.
My next angel swap projects are both in these photos. The clip lock bags are holding some little squares just perfectly. My mother says I am obsessive compulsive.
And some of the yo yos in this jug .....
Are going to look something like this.....

I absolutely love yo yos. I can always use the left over charm squares to make more!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

productive sunday

the new block for the Tisket tasket bom is out. It has a gorgeous Scotty dog and was just the inspiration I needed to get up to date with these blocks. Last month I cut it all out enthusiastically then fizzled away. I just love this month's block and am happy I will have two to work on. I Have been doing ric rac for the handles of the baskets and have had difficulties keeping the ends tucked under the basket top. I had a major brain wave to put a thin strip of vliesofix on the underside of the ric rac to hold it in place till I stitch it in place. It worked a treat on these two handles. Now to get stuck into the applique and stitchery.
Here are all the blocks so far......

Here is a Christmas stitchery I have nearly finished (ran out of cotton!). The little birds' eyes are small crosses but it makes it looks like they are dead lol. I think I may have to make it a circle or it will bug me forever!

Here are my first two Stitcher's angel swap gifts for Kymberly. At least the new journal cover will fit the journal I bought. I am stitching the little needle case stitchery and it should be done by tomorrow- except some bright bunny dropped a sauce droplet right in the middle of the stitching. There was almost a murder in the house!! I managed to sponge it off and hopefully it won't stain. Gotta love the piglets!

Hope you have had an equally productive weekend. Tonight my parents are coming
over for tea for Father's day. I have attempted a soup made with Jerusalem artichokes, traditional roast and veges. Should be interesting.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

beautiful Fig tree giveaway.

Since starting the new stitcher's angel swap I have become quite keen on the Figtree fabrics as my swap partner told me how much she loves them and I checked out their blogspot to have a squizz at the fabrics.
There is a great give away at the fat quarter shop blog.
You could win a jelly roll, a honey bun and turnover in Millhouse inn design.
Have made a good headstart on the first two swap projects after a minor hiccup of the journal not fitting into the cover so I had to remake it and I will restyle the other one into the needle case. I would hate to waste it after all the work I put into it.
The fabrics are looking lovely too.
will post a photo once the camera batteries recharge.
cheers for now