Sunday, 30 August 2009

ufo from the past...

We went to visit the newest addition to our family, a new great niece. We are up to 26 great nieces and nephews so far! Before my youngest son was born I wanted to learn to smock, which I did in anticipation of having a girl. My third son was born so I had to change tact and I learnt to picture smock, as there are a lot of great boyish patterns in picture smocking. 9 months after he was born our first great nephew was born which then started an avalanche of great nieces. At last I had the girls to smock for. As each one was born they would receive at least one smocked dress and the boys got a romper. I lost a bit of enthusiasm after a few years mainly due to smocking for 'pay'. Haggling over the cost of a bullion rosebud and people not wanting to pay for your work even though they sold the clothing sight unseen. I haven't completed any smocked gifts for quite a few years and patchwork has become my passion. I have a large stash of smocking ufo's. Rompers and dresses in various states of 'incompletedness'. With this new birth it has prompted me to look through these little packages and see if I can get inspired to finish some. A resolution must be made.
I thought I would share some pics of these treasures in order to inspire me to finish some.
Now which one do I start with?

ps. I think this is the modern smocker's must have books. Australian Smocking and Embroidery by Country Bumpkin publications. I don't think I ever bought an edition that I didn't use a pattern from. They are just gorgeous and the patterns for the garments are included and the photography is beautiful too. You can't tell from the photo but these in particular are quite worn and dog eared from use.


corry said...

That's so lovely! I never did any smockwork, looks very complicated.

Micki said...

I love your smockwork...I did that for a neice once. You did a lovely job!

Jilly said...

I am so inspired to try to learn to smock after seeing your work!Thankyou so much for posting these I will let you know how I go!!!