Sunday, 16 August 2009

flowers and stitchers angel swap

More camelias are appearing on the bushes and soon they will be covered with flowers. They will just be gorgeous.....
Still not much to post about craft wise except I have totally completed my Girls' day out quilt binding and all. It feels like a big achievement after 12 months work. I love it too! I have had a few offers of a home for it... fat chance!
The other big news is that the Stitcher's Angel swap has begun and I have already had contact and made contact with my swap angels. Tomorrow the first pattern will be posted--can't wait.
The person I am making for is in America and the person making for me is in America too.
I was wondering if I may get the same girls as last year as they signed up again this year too, wouldn't that be freaky! but I don't think that would be an easy feat as so many people seem to have signed up for it.
Well the weekend is over and the week starts over again......
Roll on tomorrow and Helen's pattern.


Sew Lind said...

Lovely flowers, I'm really enjoying the August blooming wattles, always a sign that Spring is just around the corner :-)

the Koyle's said...

The camelias are beautiful...they remind me of home (Alabama/South Carolina). No camelias in Utah! I love your little girl stitchery too!

randi said...

Beautiful camelias!

Kizzy said...

Just wanted to say hi and nice flower.Kizzy