Wednesday, 29 July 2009

movie review......

Well not much to show and tell as far as craftiness goes. All my stitching time is taken up with hand quilting my Girls day out quilt. Nearly half way there. I am pretty well making it up as I go along-usually works for me.
Thought I would share a review of the last two films I have seen. I have a friend that I go to the movies with, we usually see something pretty benign as she doesn't usually like the movies I want to go see and I am happy to see almost anything- except the sooky girly movies. We went to see My Life in ruins- a new film with Nia Vardalos (from My big fat greek wedding) well we could've left it where we found it. It was pretty lame and the jokes were very cliched. Score 2 feeble giggles and that is it.
My other disappointment at the movies was Harry Potter. I was busting to see it but was quite disappointed. Some scenes were not even from the book and other things that I thought were very important to the story were just omitted. I am dreading what they will do to the last book. I re read the last two novels just to bring myself back to the 'genuine' story that i adore. I may try to go see it again and just ignore the errors.
score 2 sobs for stuffing the story.
This week dh and I will go to see Red Cliff- a super dooper chinese film by John Woo. His films are usually visually breathtaking so am looking forward to it.
Can't wait!! I don't think I will be disappointed this time.
Hopefully some crafty news next post.

Friday, 24 July 2009

remember when

Remember when you were a young'n and you would get home from school and you knew Mum had been out shopping during the day....
You wondered if mum would've bought you a special treat or not?
Well I am not a young child anymore but my mum went shopping and bought me something special....
She bought me a beautiful, unusual orchid. The flowers are slightly bigger than your thumb nail.
so small and perfect.
I have never seen one like it.
How lucky am I?
Thanks mum....

Have a good week.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

pif gift arrived

A few months ago I made a lovely bloggy friend- Linda. She was having a PIF sign up and I signed up for hers. When it came to getting people for my PIF I wasn't so lucky so I decided that I would like to PIF to Linda as a thanks. We have a bit in common as we both are owned and loved by curlies.
She received her parcel and is very happy with her goodies. It was a small thought to say thanks. Through Linda I found Khris' blog and signed up for her FRIENDS swap. The blog world is a small and lovely place. Glad you liked your goodies Linda and for being a blogging, curly friend.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Paper bag swap arrived at Helz' place.

Helz has emailed me to let me know that my paper bag swap items have arrived.....
What a relief, firstly that it had arrived and secondly that she loved what I made.
Now I can show them off....

A close up of the stitchery on the cushion...
A sewing bucket to match.....

It was great fun....Her choice of fabrics was so fresh and bright I enjoyed making these things so much.

Can't wait for mine to arrive....

cheers for now...


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

new craft swap

Last year I took part in Helen Stubbing's stitchers angel swap.
It was an absolute hoot and I enjoyed it immensely and made lovely email friends.
Well........The swap is on again and sign up is taking place now. The theme is 'Roses'
I have comitted again and hope it is as enjoyable as last year!

Have survived the first two days at work and it is great to see all the girls I work with after the two week break. They are great girls! It is great to see the kids too.
Today I had to sew up a senior school boy's trousers that got caught on a piece of metal that was sticking out. Not so much as a thank you mind you. I am glad I didn't waste any fancy stitches on him!
all good.....
cheers for now
ps.. one more sleep till Harry Potter!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

One more dawn, one more day...

Feeling a bit Les Mis, tomorrow it is back to work for me! No more holidays-how sad.
Have had a great break and completed lots of things from my to do list.

Here are some pics of my great sewing mat that Narelle made for me in the Friends swap. I just had to use it yesterday while sewing and now that Miss Janome is away again it is placed on the arm of my couch to keep my bits safe while I hand stitch. The photo doesn't do it justice but the darker squares are all in shades of blue and that's no 3 son sticky beaking through the machine.
We are hanging out ( well to tell the truth I think I am the most excited) for the Harry Potter movie which opens on Wednesday. We bought our tickets early and when I asked the girl at the movies how many tickets had been sold she replied that we were the first two. What losers.
I don't care I'm not ashamed to say I can't wait. We have been watching the previous movies to get in the zone and I have started the Half blood prince book again. The movies just bring to life the visions you have when reading the novels. I love them.
Are looking after our neighbours lab for a week so hubby and I took the three dogs for a huge run at the park. Gotta love four leggers they know how to appreciate the simple things in life.

Cheers for now

Friday, 10 July 2009

ta da!

Had an email from Narelle confirming that she received my friends swap! She seemed quite happy with my bits and bobs, so now I can reveal them on my blog...
Two fat felines and a fat 1/4 of feline fabric
some cards with roses wrapped in ribbon
iron on transfer with iris fat 1/4
some fabric eggs and an embroidery hoop
a notebook
a dilly bag with a doily
a crocheted scarf
(having some issues with the order of the photos I have uploaded them three times and stuff it up each time! How annoying, I wish one of the boys was awake to help.)
Bought some backing fabric and have basted my girls day out for quilting.....On the home stretch now!!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

friends swap arrived

Well this is what arrived in the mail this morning! I am so happy to be on holidays so I don't have to wait till I get home to open the parcel! Yippee.
this is the before shot

Here we have the after shot........

My gifts were: F a feathered friends pattern
R some ric rac and ribbon
I some inspirational fabric
E some emperor green tea
N a notebook
D a dairy milk duo block
S a sewing mat.
A Big Thankyou to Narelle for the lovely gifts and to Khris for organising the swa. (roll on the Christmas swap!)

Here is my latest Tisket Tasket basket block! Seeing as we don't celebrate fourth of July I omitted the little flag. It was great to encorporate the felting into the applique. There will be some buttons added to the star flowers when it is finished.
Just love it. The only thing about finishing it so quick is I have to wait till next month for the next one!
Off to show Veronica and Shirley at Jemima's my Girl's day out quilt top. Veronica helped me pick the fabrics for the borders and fill in blocks. They also supplied the pattern for the bom.

Next post I will show my friends swap items- hopefully Narelle has collected it by now.

Monday, 6 July 2009

a little blue....... and red....

My orders from the Fat quarter shop and Ericas have arrived. sometimes I think I like the search for fabrics the most. I needed some more blues and reds to go with my dutch fabrics. They both had a beautiful selection of Redwork Bluework revival fabrics. I ended up ordering some more today- some red on white and that will complete the stash, but I would still like some nice red gingham......... Then I will have equal varieties of blue and red.

I have fussy cut some 4 1/2 in squares from the dutch picture fabrics and I will border them in the red and blue fabrics.
I think they are quite sweet but after this I definitely need to consider a different colour selection! I am drowning in blue and white.

On another topic I have posted my paper bag swap to Helz and I hope she likes it.
Here is a little peek...

Cheers for now.
Ps have completely completed my Girls day out top! Just need to get some backing and away we quilt. Have started quilting my charm pack quilt.

check out these giveaways....

There is a great giveaway of Marti Mitchell templates on Quilts etc blogsite. Pop over and have a squiz.
there is another great giveaway at Barbs Creations. She is having a Christmas in July giveaway with some beautiful Christmassy items.

Gotta love a giveaway and two even more!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

it must be love

I went to visit a 'curly' friend and part of the visit included a visit to Harmony Quilts in Lancefield. I didn't know it but they specialise in Thimbleberry fabrics. The selection was just beautiful. I have been keeping an eye out for some fabrics to make hubby a quilt that I have an idea for for quite some time but I just couldn't think of the fabrics. I had liked the Civil War fabrics but today bought some thimbleberry fat quarters to start my stash.
This lovely little shelf was made for me by no 3 son in his woodwork classes. He presented it to me for my birthday and I have just found the right spot for it and have put some of my treasures on the shelves. I think it looks great.

Loving the holidays...

Tomorrow we are off to the movies to see Transformers- effects are supposed to be fantastic, the next movie on the agenda will be Harry Potter. I can't wait! Opens on the 15th of july here.

Next week we are hoping to go to Scienceworks and a trip to town on the train.

Happy day!.