Saturday, 6 June 2009

star trekking & gnocchi making

I love going to the movies but unfortunately by the time the planets align and I get to go, the movies have already finished showing!
But not this time- no. 1 son and I went to see Star Trek last night. (No one wanted to go see it with me except for him, how sad am I)
I loved it, it was great - I think a lot of the subtle references to the series and in jokes were lost on no. 1 son as he never saw the original series and isn't a real fan of the genre. The special effects were well done.
My good friend, who I normally go to the pics with is going to organise for us to see Angels and Demons next week. Should be a good flick too, I like Tom Hanks and Ewan Mc Gregor.

Off to my other friends this afternoon for a gnocchi making & eating session. Making gnocchi is one of those 'memory' things that I remember doing when all the women in my family would get together and we would spend the afternoon making heaps of gnocchi so we all could have a good feed of them. I have lovely memories of us all having jobs delegated by my nonna and a production line happening. I inherited my nonna's gnocchi board so it will be put to use this afternoon. Perhaps it will make a new memory to keep.

My birthday tomorrow and we have a lovely long weekend, coincidentally the holiday is for the Queen's birthday-how appropriate!

Mojo is happening- I have prepared June's tisket tasket block, sewn up my disappearing nine patch and put on borders, completed another item for the Friends swap and prepared more border fabric for my Girl's day out blocks. I am getting there. My next job will be to quilt the three tops that I have finished.
Happy weekend

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Sew Lind said...

Happy Birthday Marina!!
I'm sorry, I meant to have a gift ready for you by now but I'll be starting it this week instead. It's been a chaotic couple of weeks with DH away and sewing for my daughter's King Lear production. We enjoyed the second and last performance last night :-). Yay!