Sunday, 28 June 2009

pretty good weekend

Well it is Sunday night and guess what? I don't have to go to work tomorrow!!! I just wanted to say that out loud, sorry.
On Friday I popped intoJemima's patchwork for their sale. I had one thing in mind- my border fabric for my Girls day out quilt. Veronica helped me pick out a lovely border fabric that will subtly frame my quilt. I came straight home and cut the inner border, outer border and binding strips.I can't wait to finish it off. I have just finished the last two embroidered pieces that I had forgotten to do and now I can finish the centre third. I am excited!
here is the fabric I picked. It may not look much on its own but it looks lovely next to the quilt.
I also picked up this lovely purple oriental fabric for an experimental project. It looks lovely.
Took Coffee to dog club this morning after a 2 month hiatus. Really I have just lacked motivation to get up and go. He had his first lesson in class 3 and he worked really well. He is such a good boy and so placid. I just need to overcome the nose hitting the nice smells on the grass. Bit hard with most dogs, let alone gundogs. Was very happy with his performance today He works so well especially considering the amount of training he gets. That is the next thing to get motivated about!
Cheers for now

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Micki said...

I love the oriental fabric. They are just absolutely beautiful!